This week the latest research reports available from just-style evaluate the top 100 largest clothing retailers, global footwear manufacturers, textile wholesalers, and world textile and apparel trade and production trends.

  • Clothing Retailers
    This report is an in-depth financial evaluation of the top 100 largest clothing retailing companies around the world. Using a unique method of analysis, each of the top 100 global organisations are individually assessed and ranked against each other and compared to industry averages.
  • Footwear Manufacturers Industry
    Using the most up-to-date financial information available, this report is an in- depth evaluation of the global footwear manufacturers. It provides a two-page per company analysis on each of the top 100.
  • Textile Wholesalers
    This extensive report is broken into two parts:
    1: A complete financial assessment of the market, based on the companies analysed
    2: An individual financial performance analysis of each company (2 pages per company)
  • Apparel RFID 2011-2021
    This report comprehensively analyses the use of RFID in the apparel value chain from tagging cloth in manufacture to retail fashion and rented apparel. 138 users and suppliers are profiled. This industry is on the move in a manner unmatched almost anywhere else in the RFID market.
  • Indian Footwear Market Forecast 2014
    India is standing on the threshold of a retail revolution and witnessing fast changing retail scenario, with footwear market set to experience phenomenal growth in coming years. The report thoroughly discusses factors, which will drive the growth of the footwear market during the forecast period.