Featured reports from just-style's research store this week include Apparel sourcing in Latin America, a report on the effect of cotton fibre costs on textile and apparel prices in the supply chain, and a look at the protective clothing and equipment market in the UK. 


  • Apparel sourcing in Latin America - forecasts to 2016
    With current and future trends analysed and predicted, this latest report from just-style provides a complete overview of this key sourcing region and will update you on the most important issues influencing apparel sourcing in every major South American country.


  • The effect of rises in cotton fibre prices on textile and apparel prices in the supply chain
    This report provides strategic planners with a method for predicting the timing and extent to which future changes in the cotton fibre price are likely to affect their business. In addition, it contains a detailed case study of the 2010/11 cotton price spike so that predictions of supply chain prices resulting from future volatility in cotton fibre prices can be made.
  • Statistics: Trends in man-made fibre production, 2nd quarter 2012 edition
    This report includes statistical data and analysis of global trends in man-made fibre production. In addition to the statistics, the data is broken down into several types of synthetic and cellulosic fibres. The report also includes detailed forecasts by fibre type, country and region of man-made fibre capacities to the end of 2013, as well as an outlook for man-made fibre production.


  • Protective clothing & equipment market report 2012
    This report studies the UK market for workwear, protective clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE). Analysing the future of the market, the report predicts an increase in value over the next five years, following economic recovery in the UK and a drop in unemployment levels in the majority of industries in the country.


  • The 2012 global trade and investment outlook
    The 2012 global trade and investment outlook highlights the key issues and trends impacting the global economy in 2012 and beyond. In addition, this report assesses the state of the global economy and the prospects for a global economic recovery.