Featured reports from just-style's research store this week include a look at chemical protective clothing, digital strategies at Asos and Oasis, and two reports on world markets for textile machinery.  

  • Chemical protective clothing: providing a life-critical barrier
    This report provides a wealth of information on chemical protective clothing, including the different types of clothing and ensembles, materials used to produce them, their applications and key performance features. It also provides an overview of demand for chemical protective clothing, chemicals and their hazards, and standards for chemical protective clothing.
  • ASOS: An e-retail success story
    Since 2010, ASOS has launched six international sites. In recent times, overseas operations have been responsible for the majority of its revenue growth. This expansion has not, however, been carried out at the expense of its UK operation, a market that still accounts for over one third of the company's revenues. This profile looks at how the company has achieved strong growth during tough economic times.
  • Oasis: How to succeed in the omni-channel world
    Oasis, with 487 stores in 25 countries, operates as a retail brand of Aurora Fashion. In 2011, Oasis introduced a £7m, 18-month investment program to revamp its brand image and gain market share through the integration of all its retail channels. This report looks at how the adoption of the omni-channel retail concept was successful for the company.
  • World markets for textile machinery: Part 2 - fabric manufacture
    This report examines general trends and provides analysis of the international fabric machinery market. 2011 was a mixed year as shipments of weaving machinery and knitting machinery increased but shipments of circular knitting machinery declined. In weaving, shipments of shuttleless looms rose and reached a record high for the second consecutive year.