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Leonie BarrieLeonie Barrie

Leonie Barrie joined just-style as managing editor twelve years ago, and during that time has been instrumental in steering the site's editorial content and direction. Under her leadership, just-style has raised its pro...

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Michelle RussellMichelle Russell

Starting out as a PA many moons ago, Michelle tired of the secretarial work and tried her hand at positions in marketing and production before moving to the Green Isle and taking up a role with a Dublin drinks distribut...

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Katie SmithKatie Smith

Katie Smith is a reporter for just-style and the newest member of the editorial team. Since she joined parent company Aroq Ltd she has written for both just-style and its sister site just-food, as well as completing a p...

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Richard WoodardRichard Woodard

A trained newspaper journalist, Richard Woodard spent eight years working for the East Anglian Daily Times, a regional daily newspaper in England. In September 2000, he joined drinks trade magazine Wine &...

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Ben CooperBen Cooper

Ben Cooper is a freelance journalist based in London, specialising in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, policy issues and sustainability. He holds MAs from Cambridge University and the University of Lond...

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Katy AskewKaty Askew

Katy Askew has over five years of experience writing for consumer and business titles. She has contributed to print, online and radio publications and worked across a variety of formats, including newspapers, magazines...

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Keith NuthallKeith Nuthall

Keith Nuthall is an experienced journalist specialising in international organisations, law and regulation, especially the European Union and the World Trade Organisation. He has written extensively on EU support for...

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Mike FlanaganMike Flanagan

Mike Flanagan is CEO of Clothesource Limited, which provides apparel buyers and sellers throughout the world with the hard data they need to understand their competitiveness. Clothesource, with the world's largest col...

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Ngo TuanNgo Tuan

Ngo Tuan is the investment consultant for US-based Vietnomics LLC at its representative office in Hanoi, which acts as a bridge between US and Vietnamese investors. In addition, he is executive contributor at Vietnam's...

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Stuart ToddStuart Todd

Stuart 'emigrated' from north-east England to France over 20 years ago, setting up initially as a freelancer covering French business developments for the English-language press across a broad range of sectors. He th...

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Achim Berg

Ahmed Abdullah

Alan Osborn

Andrew Maramwidze

Andrew McEwen

Andrew Rosati

Ashma Kunde

AZM Anas

Bill Corcoran

Bob McKee

Brenda Dionisi

Brenda Jacobs

Carmen Paun

Chris Brook-Carter

Chris Mercer

Daniel Pruzin

Dave Leggett

David Birnbaum

David Green

Dean Best

Debra Cobb

Devangshu Dutta

Dilshani Samaraweera

Dominique Patton

Dongxia Su

Doug Miller

Ed Zwirn

Euromonitor International

Hannah Abdulla

Heather Whyley

Ineke Zeldenrust

Ivan Castano Freeman

James Fuller

Jennifer Chang

Jens Kastner

Jessica Mudditt

Jim Caudill

Joe Ayling

John Winston

John Zarocostas

Jonathan Dyson

Jozef De Coster

Julian Ryall


Karryn Miller

Katy Askew

Kitty So

Leah Germain

Lee Adendorff

Liz Hague

Maria Dreyfuss

Mariani Dewi

Marianne Brown

Mark Burstein

Mark Godfrey

Mark Rowe

Matthew Newsome

Megan Detrie

Michael Fitzpatrick

Michael Kosmides

Michael Lavergne

Michael Standaert

Michelle Russell and Katie Smith

Mike Todaro

Mini Pant Zachariah

MJ Deschamps


Munza Mushtaq

Niki Tait

Paul Cochrane

Petah Marian

Peter Da Costa

Poorna Rodrigo

Raghavendra Verma

Rahimullah Yusufzai

Robert Stokes

Sam Webb

Shane Godfrey

Siddique Islam

Simon Warburton

Steve Lamar

Textiles Intelligence

Thomas Maresca

Toni Sekinah


Vicky Sung

Villen Anganan

Wachira Kigotho

Wang Fangqing

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