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Vietnam will be the big winner from the TPP trade pactComment: TPP winners and losers 13 October 2015

Now that it appears the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) may actually come to pass, which apparel and textile producing countries are most likely to benefit and which will not? David Birnbaum agrees that Vietnam will be the big winner — but believes the greatest loser will almost certainly be the US textile manufacturers.

"The moment mass-customisation becomes a reality, it will change the market forever"Comment: How to build momentum in mass-customisation 16 September 2015

While technology is often an important tool for innovation, new technology in itself does not necessarily result in innovation, writes David Birnbaum. But he believes the technology is available to finally help solve the mass-customisation problem.

The only means for workers to improve their working conditions is to join together as a groupAsian union development: is there another way? 21 August 2015

The efforts of multinational brands, retailers and importers to impose minimum wages and better working conditions in their supplier factories, while good in the short run, will result in greater problems in the long run, says David Birnbaum. Instead, he proposes that customers who want to raise worker standards in their supplier factories must find a third way forward.

Is the era of ever-decreasing FOB prices coming to an end?Comment: Changing patterns in global garment imports 7 August 2015

Rising GDP and falling FOB prices have contributed to a shift in global garment imports over the past 15 years. But will these trends continue in the future? asks David Birnbaum.

Demands for higher wages and better working conditions are the major cause of industrial action by garment workersCOMMENT: Asian union development and the Western response 29 July 2015

For the past three years, industrial action has been on the rise in all Asian garment exporting countries. It is a replay of similar events that occurred almost everywhere in the early stages of industrial union development, says David Birnbaum. The difference, however, is that regulations relating to workers and factory working conditions are usually imposed by Western importers.

The long-term import trend may be negative, but count China outCOMMENT: Where next for US apparel imports from China? 16 July 2015

Every month the US Government's Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) publishes industry import data, and every month professionals pounce on this data to provide the latest information on China's import trends. Yet they all draw different conclusions, says David Birnbaum.

Open costing is a demand imposed on a factory by the customerBirnbaum bites back: Open costings - yes or no? 7 July 2015

"Open book costing: for or against? As a supplier will it help to give buyers a breakdown of costs, or will buyers just use this as a means of driving cost down?" This question has been posed to garment industry expert David Birnbaum by a reader of just-style. His advice follows.

MGMA’s efforts "truly remarkable" says Birnbaum 25 June 2015

Global garment industry specialist David Birnbaum applauds MGMA’s efforts to improve labour rights and practices in Myanmar.

Should sustainable development in the garment industry be voluntary or imposed?COMMENT: Towards an Asian sustainable development strategy 22 June 2015

In any discussion on social responsibility, the garment-exporting countries of South and Southeast Asia have a serious problem of credibility that nobody wants to address. Yet credibility is the single most important factor in determining the success or failure of any sustainable development strategy, writes David Birnbaum.

COMMENT: Myanmar - the road forward? 16 June 2015

Everyone wants to see a successful Myanmar garment industry. Governments in garment importing countries, importers, the international institutions and development banks are all on board. But by far the greatest obstacle is compliance, writes David Birnbaum.

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