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Sourcing shifts: Is reshoring really happening? 3 June 2015

It is early days when it comes to measuring reshoring in the clothing and textile sector, the return of production to mature markets from the Asian outsourcers who have dominated supply for the past decade. But industry experts and players in both the UK and US are sure that it is happening.

Ayka Addis Textile is Ethiopia’s top textile and garment exporterAyka Addis expects to ride growth in Ethiopia outsourcing 30 September 2014

Ayka Addis Textile - the Ethiopian subsidiary of the Turkish textile and garment manufacturer Ayka Tekstil - has told just-style it is anticipating strong growth in its sales over the coming years due to a growing number of European retailers looking to source from Ethiopia.

Turkey is aiming to increase its total clothing exports to US$19bn in 2014Turkey sets sights on sourcing business shed by Asia 4 June 2014

Brands and retailers in the UK and other parts of Europe are "coming back" to Turkey as a source of textiles and clothing as they seek to diversify their supply chains away from Asia.

ETHIOPIA: In talks on major Turkish textile investment 6 May 2014

Final negotiations are underway to secure a planned investment by Turkish textile manufacturer Akber to construct the biggest textile plant in Ethiopia so far.

Turkey looks to strong clothing export growth in 2014 13 February 2014

Turkey's clothing industry is anticipating stronger export growth in 2014, despite growing concerns within the sector about increasing pressure on price from European retailers.

MacedoniaMacedonia looks to expand clothing export reach 3 January 2014

The Macedonian government has embarked on a new expansion strategy for its textile and clothing sector as it looks to grow its exports to the European Union (EU) and other global markets.

The Croatian government is preparing a new strategy designed to grow manufacturingSpotlight on...Croatia clothing eyes boost from EU membership 1 July 2013

The Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE) has told just-style that the country plans to utilise European Union (EU) funding to help boost its textile and clothing industry after it becomes the 28th EU member state today (1 July).

Global unions are urging an end to violence in TurkeyTurkey clothing makers deny disruption amid demonstrations 7 June 2013

The group representing Turkish clothing manufacturers has reiterated to just-style that there has been no disruption to its delivery of orders following the civil unrest that has been taking place in the country for more than a week.

Philippines garment exporters seeking SAVE Act 27 March 2013

America's Save Our Industries Act, also known as the SAVE Act, which would give a range of Philippines-made apparel duty-free access to the US, looks increasingly likely to be implemented. And the Filipino clothing and textile sector is happy.

The Malaysian clothing industry is looking to attract more international customers.Malaysia makers to focus on quality to achieve growth 19 February 2013

Malaysia's textile and clothing industry is planning to focus on three key areas - higher value fashion, dyeing and finishing, and technical textiles - to sustain strong growth and continue to compete with significantly lower-cost competition elsewhere in Asia.

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