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Local suppliers may have limited growth compared with those offshoreSourcing shifts – The potential and pitfalls of local sourcing 4 May 2016

With fast fashion demands growing and China's costs rising, sourcing closer to home is a more commonly considered option for apparel brands and retailers.

Efficient and well-organised logistics operations are keyFast fashion: How to navigate complex logistics issues 3 November 2015

Fast fashion companies are facing greater pressures and more complex supply chains in developing products and getting them to stores quickly. Planning ahead to ensure quality, as well as having the flexibility to make swift decisions and changes, is key to success.

Schoeller Technologies' water repellent NanoSphereFibres and fabrics: Innovations in sports textiles 7 October 2015

Sportswear innovators are focusing on growing demand for environmentally-friendly fibres and fabrics and lightweight materials that can keep sport consumers comfortable while optimising performance.

OPTIMjam Merino wool fabrics are treated to enhance the fibre’s elasticityFibres and fabrics: Multi-functional wool for outdoor wear 7 October 2015

Apparel and textile companies worldwide are increasingly demanding lightweight wool for outdoor wear that can perform a variety of functions.

Brands are also demanding more ecologically friendly alternatives for their apparel and textile finishesFibres and fabrics: Functional finishes meet environmental concerns 7 October 2015

As functional finishes for textile products become increasingly effective and innovative, producers are looking for new ways to meet brands’ environmental concerns with ecologically friendly solutions.

Digital design software offers apparel brands powerful production toolsSoftware solutions: Digital design and prototyping tools 3 August 2015

Apparel producers face increasing options in digital design tools as software providers expand into new markets and offer more advanced and innovative features.

Digital showrooms upgrade, integrating into online storesSoftware solutions: Developments in digital showrooms 3 August 2015

New solutions for digital showrooms and improvements in established services are opening up sale opportunities around the world for apparel producers, as well as smoother, more accurate digital shopping experiences for their customers.

Enterprise resource planning developers nuance their systemsSoftware solutions: ERP developers fine-tune their systems 3 August 2015

Similar to trends in product lifecycle management (PLM) systems, developments in enterprise resource planning (ERP) for the apparel industry are currently focused on smaller changes improving specific functions.

Apparel PLM goes mobileSoftware solutions: PLM goes mobile 3 August 2015

Developers of product lifecycle management (PLM) systems for the apparel industry are continuing to offer a wider variety of mobile applications as well as improving their solutions in smaller, more detailed ways.

Fibres and fabrics: Cotton price uncertainty 3 November 2014

As reforms to China's cotton liberalisation policy start to kick in, world cotton prices are expected to better reflect market demand. However, experts are concerned that if prices continue to drop, governments in other countries might be encouraged to intervene and offer a guaranteed price to growers, causing renewed uncertainty.

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