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Canopy is campaigning to stop the world’s endangered forests from being logged for clothingConcerns grow over fibre sourcing from forests 1 April 2014

Ahead of an expected explosion in demand for wood pulp-based fibres such as rayon and viscose, environmental groups are calling on apparel and textile firms to ensure they do not come from endangered forests. H&M and Inditex are the latest to update their sourcing commitments.

Brad Loewen, chief safety inspector for the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in BangladeshInterview: The Bangladesh Accord tackles unsafe factories 20 February 2014

As safety inspections on more than 1,500 garment factories supplying a group of mainly European retailers get underway this week, just-style speaks with Brad Loewen, the top safety official overseeing the effort.

CAMBODIA: Blocked US funds will not hurt garment sector 3 February 2014

US budgets cutting development aid to Cambodia will not harm the Cambodian textile sector, its key industry association told just-style.

Turkey is a growing consumer of US cottonUS: Turkey ousts China as top importer of US cotton 10 January 2014

Turkey has replaced China as the United States' top cotton export market - but the US industry does not expect the shift to last.

Fibres and fabrics: Sustainability set to be default option in future 5 November 2013

Using more sustainable alternatives to traditional fibres is critical for clothing and textile brands wanting to reduce their environmental footprint - and is set to be default option in future, experts say.

Fibres and fabrics: Innovation widens sources of fibre materials 5 November 2013

Any market and industry benefits from supply diversification, so major textile and clothing companies can take heart from continued innovation amongst fibre and fabric producers into new material sources.

Fibres and fabrics: Manufacturers seek strategies for cost savings 5 November 2013

For manufacturers looking for a cost-effective fibre in current global markets, cotton prices are at last stabilising following recent distortions and increases. But rising costs in other areas, including labour, have prompted the search for new ways to reduce prices and boost efficiencies.

Fibres and fabrics: Cotton still king but alternatives abound 5 November 2013

World fibre production, especially for cotton, remains strong, with cotton prices stabilising after a few years of high prices. Yet the apparel and textile trade landscape is shifting, and as production moves away from China and domestic demand in Asia booms, there will be more pressure on fibre and fabric production worldwide.

EUROPE: Canada trade deal to benefit EU apparel exporters 23 October 2013

The recently agreed free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union (EU) could spark a major increase in European apparel exports to Canada.

Fast fashion: The benefits of western hemisphere sourcing 2 October 2013

It is common sense that for really fast fashion, sourcing should be made as close to a home market as costs will allow. And for the world's two largest markets - the European Union (EU) and the US - geography does provide some useful outsourcing neighbours.

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