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Pre-configured PLM packages can help cut down implementation timeTimelines to plan for a successful PLM project 5 August 2016

It may sound like tautology, but planning really does work better when well planned. Indeed, planning to implement a planning tool is no small feat, and introducing a product lifecycle management PLM solution to an apparel business has a lifecycle all of its own.

A PLM roadmap is a key document for selecting the right PLMTools to help choose an apparel PLM vendor 4 August 2016

Product lifecycle management (PLM) has become so entrenched in modern manufacturing that it has spawned its own academic discipline and a massive body of research. And some common themes are evident when it comes to selecting a PLM vendor.

Incorporating data from supply chain partners can provide insights for decision makingHow to determine if PLM is right for your company 3 August 2016

Companies trying to determine if product lifecycle management (PLM) software solutions are right for them should note that size is not an obstacle; these systems can be useful to businesses of nearly any size.

The evolution of PLM as a means to manage the supply chain and fuel growth has been gradualUtilising PLM to fuel growth and fulfil demand 2 August 2016

Faster time-to-market is perhaps one of the clearest advantages of product lifecycle management (PLM) software, as greater supply chain transparency enables more efficiencies to be made, from the designer’s pen to the store shelf. But connecting to other business processes through PLM, such as retail metrics, supplier inventory as well predictive analytics to forecast consumer choices, is opening up an array of new business possibilities.

Indonesia moves to solve middle management shortages 6 June 2016

A new textile training academy in the city of Solo on the Indonesian island of Java is an important step towards addressing the critical shortage of middle managers in the country's garment industry, according to chairman of the Indonesia textile association Asosiasi Pertekstilan Indonesia (API).

Many tools are available to help in the quest for apparel supply chain visibilityReducing risk – How software can help supply chain visibility 2 June 2016

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) software have become fundamental tools in the quest for excellence in apparel supply chain visibility. And waiting in the wings is blockchain, the technology underpinning the Bitcoin digital currency by providing a register of transactions – whose potential is already being embraced by supply chain experts.

Sourcing decisions always need to balance compliance, cost and capacitySourcing shifts – Multiple country choices require complex decisions 4 May 2016

While international clothing buyers today have a lot of sourcing choices, this multiplicity of options can bring its own management headaches, making it important that brands make subtle, complex and fluid purchasing decisions to keep ahead of the competition.

2015 saw the launch of several sustainable technologies for garment finishing2015 – A year in review – Sustainability winners and losers 16 December 2015

New fabric finishing technologies and recycling initiatives were among the green garment highlights of 2015, but polyfluorinated chemicals, pollution and forced labour came under fire.

Some garment-making countries are taking an increasing share of the world's apparel business2015 – A year in review – Sourcing winners and losers 16 December 2015

2015 was a mixed bag for many garment-making countries. While some saw exports and investments increase in a critically competitive environment, others were burdened by ongoing industrial unrest, allegations of poverty wages and labour violations, sanctions and currency effects.

Pay disputes and safety violations hampered some suppliers in 20152015 – A year in review – Supplier winners and losers 16 December 2015

Investments in new facilities, automation and technology, and worker training schemes paid dividends for some apparel suppliers in 2015, while others were hampered by pay disputes and safety violations.

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