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 Cambodia, Bangladesh and Burma are securing the lower cost ordersSourcing segmentation increasingly evident in Asia 25 February 2014

The last few years have brought significant changes to the apparel sourcing landscape in Asia. The era of Chinese low-cost apparel manufacturing is a trend from the past, and several countries have stepped up to claim their part of the manufacturing pie.

Cambodia and Bangladesh count the cost of disruption 15 January 2014

Cambodian garment factories are to sue over recent strikes, while those in Bangladesh are counting the cost of three months of political turmoil.

A military special command unit is said to have been deployed to crack down on striking Cambodia garment workers. (Photo credit: LICADHO)CAMBODIA: Wage dispute causes garment sector shutdown 2 January 2014

A dispute over increases to Cambodia's minimum wage levels has led to a virtual shutdown of the country's garment industry.

2013: A year in review - The unusual and unpredictable 9 December 2013

Waterless dyes, textiles that clean themselves and new 3D printing filaments: the only thing missing this year was spray on clothing.

2013: A year in review - Brand winners and losers 9 December 2013

Increased costs, quality issues, and weakened demand resulted in job cuts and widened losses for certain retailers in 2013. But overseas expansion, the value of domestic manufacturing, and innovative products bolstered others.

2013: A year in review - Sourcing winners and losers 9 December 2013

What a difference a year makes for garment-making countries. While some were crippled by ongoing unrest, deadly factory fires and natural disasters, others saw exports increase in a critically competitive environment.

2013: A year in review - Retail winners and losers 9 December 2013

Despite another challenging year for retailers in 2013, international expansion, support for workers in the clothing supply chain, and innovative merchandise were on the list of accomplishments for some. However, others were forced to enter administration amid increased competition.

RFID: What retailers can expect in-store 3 September 2013

Omni-channel retailing has revolutionised the way people shop, with consumers now able to buy and research products online, on a tablet or on a smart phone. And there appears to be great potential to leverage RFID for even greater benefits, including smart shelves, mirrors, and fitting room interaction.

RFID: Overcoming out-of-stock challenges 3 September 2013

The textile and clothing industry has long known that out-of-stock (OOS) management problems can be costly - and RFID tags may help retailers especially recoup the profits they lose by failing to keep their shelves as full as they should.

RFID: Supply chain visibility and return on investment 3 September 2013

The determining factor in rolling out RFID in any business has always been price, so calculating a concrete return on investment (ROI) is clearly a vital step. According to some analysts this approach has matured as the benefits of the technology have become clear.

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