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Leonie Barrie joined just-style as managing editor 14 years ago, and during that time has been instrumental in steering the site's editorial content and direction. Under her leadership, just-style has raised its profile internationally, and today boasts a team of contributors around the world who provide a unique blend of up-to-the-minute news, research and analysis on the apparel and footwear industry and its supply chain.

An experienced business journalist with a background in fashion and textiles, Leonie has written extensively about global sourcing and production, technology, emerging markets, as well as retail, brand and marketing strategies. She has also interviewed industry leaders across the globe. As managing editor Leonie has travelled around the world to gain first-hand experience of the industry in various countries, and continues to deliver keynote speeches, chair roundtable and panel sessions at conferences, and write about the international apparel industry and the challenges and opportunities it faces. 

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just-style editor Leonie Barrie shares her thoughts on some of the top stories in the news.

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"Buy American, Hire American" to guide Trump trade stance 23 January 2017

Donald Trump's first speech to the US as its new president appears to reinforce his protectionist stance, with rhetoric promising to "follow two simple rules: Buy American and Hire American."

Trump signs order to withdraw from TPP 23 January 2017

US president Donald Trump has fulfilled one of his campaign pledges today (23 January) by signing an executive order to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The code-of conduct-monitoring-compliance approach is Apparel factory auditing appears in the firing line 20 January 2017

Two separate pieces of research are calling for a new approach to the garment factory auditing process, claiming that not only is there a need for more meaningful auditing that goes beyond ensuring basic compliances, but also that their current checklist approach has contributed to the problem of poor working conditions in many manufacturing hubs.

Auditing "in need of reinvention" says new initiative 20 January 2017

A new integrated approach to labour practices, including "meaningful auditing that goes beyond ensuring basic compliances," is being proposed as a solution to improve standards in global garment value chains.

Potential border adjustment tax reform would create cost and uncertainty for multi-national brandsHow US border adjustment tax could affect apparel 19 January 2017

One of the first battlegrounds of the new Trump administration is shaping up to be a possible revamp of the US tax system with an alternative proposal that threatens US apparel importers and their suppliers.

Is the apparel industry about to be Trumped? – Infographic 18 January 2017

The election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States casts a shadow of uncertainty over the textile and apparel sector, with his promises to tear up US trade agreements, impose tariffs on imports from China and Mexico, and bring back US jobs and manufacturing. Here we take a closer look at what’s at stake, with a special infographic powered by re:source from just-style, a new tool that uses data and intelligence to help apparel companies save time, reduce cost and manage supply chain risk.

Britain’s Brexit plans prioritise tariff-free trade 18 January 2017

Britain is leaving the European single market, Prime Minister Theresa May said yesterday (17 January) in a hard-hitting speech outlining the UK government’s Brexit strategy.

New project to digitalise European fashion supply chains 18 January 2017

A new initiative has been launched to digitalise the fashion supply chains of at least 100 European companies to improve product traceability, time to market, warehouse management and data exchange.

Researchers at Clemson University use the Oculus Rift headset to create virtual reality simulations that teach skills needed in a modern textile manufacturing plantUS ramps up robotics research with $253m investment 17 January 2017

A new $253m national initiative has been launched in the United States to develop next-generation robots for advanced manufacturing across a number of industries, including textiles.

AccuMark additions set to enhance retail and design 17 January 2017

The latest version of Gerber Technology’s AccuMark pattern design software family will be available later this month, with new modules to boost productivity and accelerate time to market.

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