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Leonie Barrie joined just-style as managing editor twelve years ago, and during that time has been instrumental in steering the site's editorial content and direction. Under her leadership, just-style has raised its profile internationally, and today boasts a team of contributors around the world who provide a unique blend of up-to-the-minute news, research and analysis on the apparel and footwear industry and its supply chain.  

An experienced business journalist with a background in fashion and textiles, Leonie has written extensively about global sourcing and production, technology, emerging markets, brand and marketing strategies. In her capacity as managing editor she has also travelled around the world to gain first-hand experience of the industry in various countries, as well as attending and speaking at conferences and writing about the international apparel industry and the challenges and opportunities it faces.

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just-style editor Leonie Barrie shares her thoughts on some of the top stories in the news.

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Sourcing is an increasingly complex mix shaped by customersPSF 2014: No one size fits all in apparel sourcing 14 April 2014

Even though China continues to play a pivotal role as an apparel supplier, interest in alternative sources continues to dominate industry discussions. And the picture they paint is of strategies that take account of shifts in domestic demand, investment in Southeast Asia, and outside opportunities like Africa.

The industryPSF 2014: Shifting focus from cost to consumer is key 14 April 2014

The apparel industry needs to find a better way of doing business. That's the stark message to emerge from supply chain executives who believe that instead of squeezing the supply chain on cost and efficiency, the focus should instead be on delivering products that consumers really want.

PSF 2014: Ten sustainability takeaways 14 April 2014

Being sustainable might be "the right thing to do," but it impacts each and every stage of the apparel industry and its supply chain. Here some of the participants at this year's Prime Source Forum in Hong Kong share their thoughts on the issue.

The Adidas SMS Hotline allows workers to express their concernsWORLD: Adidas plans mobile phone hotline at all suppliers 11 April 2014

The use of mobile phones to monitor workers in apparel supply chains is continuing to gain momentum, with sportswear giant Adidas now planning to roll the service out to all of its suppliers in the next few years.

TPP talks have hit a number of "sticking points" on apparel and textilesUS trade stance shifts from fast-track to smart-track 11 April 2014

US trade legislation that is "smart-track" rather than "fast-track," and reflects the apparel and footwear industries "as they are in this century - not as they were in the last one," is how the Senate Finance Committee's new chairman this week set out his upcoming agenda.

Material savings are key to LectraFRANCE: Material costs key for Lectra Versalis leather cutters 11 April 2014

Less than three years after the launch of the first Versalis leather cutter, Lectra has expanded its offering in response to industry challenges, including an increased focus on material savings.

Import duties are deterring factories from make safety investments post Rana PlazaBANGLADESH: High equipment duties drag on safety efforts 10 April 2014

Efforts to improve safety in Bangladeshi garment factories are being hampered by high tariffs of up to 61% on imports of essential building and fire safety equipment - which apparel retailers and importers fear is discouraging critical investment into these products.

Disney-branded products will no longer be sourced from Bangladesh and PakistanUS: Walt Disney bans Pakistan and Bangladesh production 8 April 2014

US-based Walt Disney Company (WDC) has gone ahead with its threat to phase out the sourcing of Disney-branded products from Bangladesh and Pakistan over concerns the countries no longer meet its guidelines on working conditions.

Cambodian workers rally for a monthly wage of $160 (Photo credit: LICHADO)Political and labour unrest to drag on Cambodia in 2014 8 April 2014

As if political tensions and strikes for higher wages by garment workers have not already caused enough disruption in Cambodia, new research suggests they will continue to weigh on the country's growth in 2014.

US: Basketball footwear sales jump 21% in two months 8 April 2014

Sales of basketball footwear are continuing to grow, according to recent research, with the kids' segment driving double-digit gains.

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