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Green garments: Closed loop supply chains hard to achieve 2 August 2013

The concept of closed loop supply chains sounds a laudable, if possibly Utopian ideal: a virtuous circle of production from cradle to grave and back to cradle again. However, the reality is proving harder to achieve for the clothing and textile sector.

Green garments: Brands clean up their toxic chemical use 2 August 2013

Environmental concerns focus on a range of pollutants in that water, from pesticides on cotton fields to dust storms caused by overgrazing in Inner Mongolia by cashmere goats.

Green garments: Eco-labels - good or greenwash? 2 August 2013

The challenges of working out whether textiles are sourced, produced or manufactured ethically are magnified by the plethora of eco-labelling schemes that apply to the industry.

KYRGYZSTAN: Textile and clothing industry pushing ahead 9 April 2013

The former Soviet central Asian state of Kyrgyzstan has a burgeoning textile and clothing industry, and is pushing ahead of regional competitors, a specialist from Harvard Business School has told just-style.

Croatia is set to become the 28th member state of the European Union on 1 July 2013 Croatia clothing sector could exploit EU accession 13 July 2012

Croatia is set to become the 28th member state of the European Union on 1 July 2013 - a move that offers greater access to EU customers for its textiles and clothing. But there are risks, and the Croatian sector could be in better shape, as Mark Rowe reports.

Albanian textile and clothing firms are making export progressAlbania apparel sector regroups from economic crisis 19 June 2012

With its location adjacent to Europe's key fashion centre Italy, a highly skilled labour force and low wages, Albania's textile and clothing industry is repositioning itself amid the unrelenting economic crisis that is gripping Europe.

just-style management briefing: The potential risks around nanotechnology 1 June 2012

Research laboratories, scientists and engineers have, for years, been promising the emergence of innovative, 'smart' capabilities for fabrics and textiles, based on advances in the field of nanotechnology. However, as these designs slowly become a reality in the commercial sense, the potential hazards and risk assessments surrounding them are also gaining a sharper focus.

just-style management briefing: High-tech materials get more functional 1 November 2011

Between T-shirts that incorporate technology allowing people to chat up someone from across the dance floor to vests that can monitor the wearer's health, the past decade has seen some extraordinary developments in high-tech smart fibres and fabrics.

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