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JAPAN: Fast Retailing sends managers overseas for global push 9 December 2010

Japanese fashion group Fast Retailing has told just-style it is sending 1,200 store manager candidates abroad by mid-2013 as part of a massive overseas expansion.

JAPAN: Sogo & Seibuto sell Zara clothes 7 September 2010

Japan’s top department store Sogo & Seibu Co is to open fast-fashion areas dedicated to Zara and other fast fashion leaders.

JAPAN: Fast Retailing merges Uniqlo shoe brands 3 September 2010

Fast Retailing Co has merged its large array of shoe brands under its Uniqlo umbrella aiming to make footwear the company's second-largest revenue source after apparel.

JAPAN: YKK to expand Bangladesh plant 1 September 2010

Japanese zipper maker YKK is to expand its apparel zipper plant in Bangladesh as part of its latest expansion plans.

JAPAN: Strong yen urges production shift 31 August 2010

Japanese exporters may be suffering from the historically high yen - which traded at a record JPY84 to the dollar this week - but for Japanese apparel importers and retailers it is a boom time.

JAPAN: Komatsu creates "Shut Air" sportswear fabric 26 August 2010

Japanese textile maker Komatsu Seiren Co has announced the creation of a stretch knit fabric it claims is both breathable and windproof.

JAPAN: Forever 21 launches store 20 April 2010

Forever 21 continues to cash on a wave of popularity in Japan announcing its expansion and its first suburban store outside of Tokyo.

JAPAN: Topshop eyes 15 store openings 23 March 2010

Attracted by fast fashion's increasing dominance in Japan’s retail sector, Toshop has announced plans for a major new tranche of openings around the country.

JAPAN: Michael Kors to open Tokyo boutique 22 March 2010

Michael Kors will open its first 1,400-square-feet boutique on Tokyo’s upscale Omotesando avenue this September partnering with local Toshiaki Tashiro.

JAPAN: Fast Retailing to focus on sub-brands 17 March 2010

Fast Retailing, the operator of the Uniqlo retail chain, has unveiled a new strategy to create strong sub-brands based on product categories.

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