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Fast fashion: Global sourcing trends in flux 6 October 2014

Fast fashion sourcing trends in Europe and north America are in flux due to the economic downturn, changes in consumer behaviour and growing awareness of industry practices, especially in the wake of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh last year. It is a trend noted by major retailers.

EGYPT: Mulls textile support as key referendum is staged 20 January 2014

The Egyptian government has been mulling paying financial assistance to struggling state-owned textile factories, but ongoing political unease surrounding a key referendum has delayed such plans.

EGYPT: Factories remain open despite political chaos 27 August 2013

While Egypt's economy is reeling from ongoing political instability following the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood-led government in July, clothing manufacturers are still operating and completing orders.

EGYPT: Textile and clothing workers in strike threats 13 September 2011

A strike planned by 22,000 workers at Egypt's largest state-owned textile factory has been called off after the government agreed to their demands - but has prompted other Egyptian textile and clothing workers to threaten similar walk-outs.

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