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INDIA: Rise in textile export rebates unlikely to be agreed 30 January 2014

A call by India's textiles minister for a higher rebate on duties paid on garment exports to the European Union (EU) will probably be refused by the country's finance ministry, industry representatives have told just-style.

INDIA: Export incentives restored for cotton yarn 28 January 2014

The temporary restoration of the Incremental Exports Incentivisation Scheme (IEIS) for Indian cotton yarn exporters will make local spinning more viable in 2014, an industry spokesman has said.

INDIA: Yarn exports to China rise 75% in two months 20 August 2013

India's sales of yarn to China have increased by 75% in last two months, as China becomes uncompetitive in yarn production due to currency appreciation and higher labour costs.

INDIA: Cotton textile exports "should do better" 31 July 2013

While the Indian cotton textile industry has increased its global competitiveness over the last decade, its exports have not shown similar results a new study shows.

Could India rival China as a clothing exporter? 22 July 2013

The Indian apparel industry has made progress with backward integration over the last five years, but needs to reorganise to play to its strengths, a conference was told last week. And if India does invest, it could rival China as clothing exporter.

WORLD: Apparel market worth US$2 trillion by 2025 22 July 2013

The combined apparel market of China and India will grow to US$740bn by 2025 - surpassing the projected combined US and European market of US$725bn at that time - according to a report released at an international clothing conference on Friday (19 July).

INDIA: Uttar Pradesh seeks textile and clothing export boost 20 May 2013

The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh state in India, Akhilesh Yadav, has told just-style that his government wants to spur future expansion in clothing and textiles through major infrastructure investments.

INDIA: Garment exporters welcome new budget 4 March 2013

Indian garment exporters have expressed relief after receiving the details of India's annual central government budget for 2013, after a feared increase in indirect taxes was not proposed.

INDIA: Conditions "getting worse" for Indian mills 4 March 2013

The power outages and industrial unrest that have already caused chronic shutdowns among Indian textile mills are escalating, the industry's main trade association has warned.

Orders from the US have started to rebound, while European sales are sluggish INDIA: Exporters seek new markets as EU orders fall 22 February 2013

Indian garment exporters are looking to buyers in new countries to compensate for falling orders from struggling, traditional western markets, the chairman of the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) has told just-style.

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