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ChinaCHINA: Clothing retail to soar as export growth falters 9 June 2014

China's retail market looks set to soar over the next few years as the government acts to encourage domestic growth to offset a possible slowdown in clothing exports.

SOUTH AFRICA: Foreign suppliers gain most from retail growth 5 February 2014

Retail demand for clothing in South Africa has expanded significantly since the world recession - but the main beneficiaries have been foreign suppliers rather than the local industry, according to a new report.

Demand for cotton rose by just 2.3% in the 2012/13 seasonWORLD: Cotton uncertainty set to lift cellulosic fibres 13 November 2013

Cellulosic fibre production is set for strong and rapid growth in the coming years as uncertainty in the cotton market persists, a new report suggests.

Clothing exporters are setting their sights on emerging economiesClothing exporters eyeing emerging economies 17 September 2013

Faced with falling shipments to EU markets in 2012, many of the world's leading clothing exporting countries are looking towards emerging economies instead.

Bangladesh clothing industry needs to improve its image 5 August 2013

The clothing industry in Bangladesh needs to improve its image in order for the country's long-term prosperity to be guaranteed, a new report suggests.

ASEAN: Textile and clothing exports down sharply in 2012 22 July 2013

Textile and clothing exports from member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) declined sharply in 2012, according to a new report.

VIETNAM: Targets top 5 textile export slot by 2020 16 January 2013

Vietnam aims to become one of the top five textile and clothing manufacturing and exporting nations by 2020, while simultaneously fostering social improvements and environmental well-being, according to recent research.

SRI LANKA: Sustainability efforts boost apparel exports 5 December 2012

Sustainable production is seen by Sri Lankan textile and apparel manufacturers as an attractive selling point when competing for orders from Western buyers.

WORLD: Heated and insect repellent apparel growth markets 22 November 2012

The markets for heated garments and clothing which offers protection against insects are set to grow, according to new research.

MALAYSIA: Textile and clothing exports set to double by 2020 6 November 2012

Malaysian textile and clothing exports are set to double to an annual value of US$7.5bn by 2020 after advancing strongly in 2011, according to a new report.

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