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How did quota abolition change the apparel industry? 14 Jun 2006

Column: Research updates

A guide to Life Without Quota is available from Clothesource and provides at-a-glance summaries of the world apparel traders will deal with in 2006 and 2007.

Hosiery market hits a snag 11 May 2006

Column: Research updates

Hosiery is a unique sector of the clothing market, and one that is headed for decline according to a recent report. Despite attempts to introduce interest through new technology, innovations and famous faces it’s unlikely that the market will ever return to its former glory.

Everyone knows where and how to source – or do they? 28 Apr 2006

Column: Research updates

Today, every buyer and merchandiser sources from factories overseas, sometimes directly, sometimes through an agent or third party supplier. So they all know how to go about finding exactly the right factory for their merchandise, right? Wrong!

Kids’ clothing a growing business 10 Apr 2006

Column: Research updates

Increasingly affluent parents and brand-aware children are set to drive future growth in the global children’s wear market according to a new in-depth report on the sector. Of particular interest to retailers and brands are the developing economies, where families will spend more of their new-found wealth on clothing their children.