Research updates

Research updates

Facts and figures taken from some of the research reports published on just-style. Much of this information is only available in the reports themselves, so these articles provide a valuable snapshot of the latest data and forecasts.

Swimwear demand to improve with economy uptick 5 Feb 2015

The financial crises in North America and Europe have led to reductions in consumer demand for general apparel, but for swimwear in particular, the last five years have not been easy. This could be set to change for some regions, however, as the global economy picks up.

Myanmar garment sector experiencing rapid growth 13 Jan 2015

Myanmar's garment sector is in the midst of significant growth and exciting changes - and a brand new and exclusive report produced by the Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association (MGMA) offers essential reading for retailers, brands and importers looking to source from the country.

Moisture management fabrics enter a new era 29 Oct 2014

Moisture management fabric technology has entered a new era as manufacturers and retailers respond to growing demand by consumers for ever greater levels of performance from their garments.

VIETNAM: To gain from China sourcing cutback? 5 Aug 2014

Rising costs in China have forced an increasing number of Western apparel brands and retailers to look at cutting back on sourcing in China, and have more of their apparel manufactured elsewhere, a new report suggests.

CHINA: Clothing retail to soar as export growth falters 9 Jun 2014

China's retail market looks set to soar over the next few years as the government acts to encourage domestic growth to offset a possible slowdown in clothing exports.

Ethiopia prepares to meet apparel sourcing demand 5 Mar 2014

Often referred to as ‘the lion economy', the potential of Africa as a new apparel sourcing destination is becoming more evident. A new report from just-style suggests that as investment increases, more and more international brands will be keen to secure a share of the pie - with countries such as Ethiopia already equipping themselves to meet this increasing demand.

Sustainable textiles: Fact, fiction and the future 24 Jan 2014

Sustainability in textiles is high on the apparel industry's agenda, and has the potential to benefit a company's bottom line. But while the issue is far from clear-cut, a new report from just-style rounds up the challenges and opportunities in sustainable textiles - and suggests that being informed is the first step in the journey.

Russia and China to drive lingerie market growth 20 Nov 2013

As the world’s economic recession has continued, driven by eurozone debts and unemployment, it's no surprise that the lingerie market has also remained depressed. A new report from just-style suggests the sector will not fully recover until 2017 - with the bulk of this growth expected to come from emerging markets Russia and China.

Focus: Australasia key for apparel brands going global 5 Sep 2013

Having long sat on fashion's sidelines, Australasia has generated significant interest of late. In particular, the region's relative resilience to the financial turmoil which has plagued much of the northern hemisphere has proved to be a key attraction for international retailers, according to Euromonitor International.

Bangladesh clothing industry needs to improve its image 5 Aug 2013

The clothing industry in Bangladesh needs to improve its image in order for the country's long-term prosperity to be guaranteed, a new report suggests.

ASEAN: Textile and clothing exports down sharply in 2012 22 Jul 2013

Textile and clothing exports from member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) declined sharply in 2012, according to a new report.

Economic crisis set to impact apparel sector until 2019 4 Jun 2013

The global apparel industry is expected to continue to feel the effects of the 2007 economic crisis as far into the future as 2019, according to a new report released by just-style.

Focus: Apparel retail specialists at risk from e-commerce 12 Feb 2013

For specialist retailers in Europe and North America, times are tough. The unstable economic climate is a critical factor, but no less a problem for thousands of struggling businesses is the transfer of power from bricks-and-mortar to the internet.

SRI LANKA: Sustainability efforts boost apparel exports 5 Dec 2012

Sustainable production is seen by Sri Lankan textile and apparel manufacturers as an attractive selling point when competing for orders from Western buyers.

Emerging markets to drive performance outdoor apparel 29 Nov 2012

The performance outdoor apparel sector is the fastest growing segment in the global sports apparel market, and is set to grow by US$3.5bn over the next six years, according to a new research report published today (29 November) by just-style.

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