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The difference between compliance and safety?

Swedish fashion retailer H&M is one of the leaders of the move to change compliance, and is at the forefront of sustainability. However, at...

H&M sustainability includes water-based PU shoes

Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) is to place its first volume orders for shoes made with water-based vegan leather this year as part of new sustainabi...

Michelle Russell | 6 Jan 2016

Seeing in the New Year might not have been the only reason American Apparel felt like popping the champagne last week after it won a plea for an extension to its period for filing a reorganisation plan. But while now on a cautious road to recovery, the bankrupt US teen fashion retailer may have stopped short of celebrating as it considers the questions that need answering if it is to be taken seriously again as a competitor in its space. 

Katie Smith | 23 Dec 2015

A key component widely used alongside textiles in the clothing and footwear industry, the landscape for leather is undergoing a degree of change when it comes to production, retail and technology trends. Here, we take a look. 

Michelle Russell | 26 Oct 2015

Plans for a single industry-wide global standard for auditing social and labour performance in apparel supply chains could solve the long-standing issue of audit fatigue – as well as providing an opportunity to improve transparency and invest more in factory safety and ethics.

Leonie Barrie | 8 Oct 2015

As the world’s two largest fast fashion retailers, it’s no surprise that Inditex and H&M continue to outperform their peers with their market-leading supply chains - or that common themes unite all the top European supply chain companies.

Latest Interviews

Michelle Russell | 30 Apr 2014

The latest sustainability report released earlier this month by Swedish apparel retailer H&M Hennes & Mauritz highlights the group's achievements over the last year. Helena Helmersson, head of sustainability for H&M, spoke with just-style about the company's major milestones, including closed loop clothing, collaboration, and the group's African sourcing plans.

Kitty So | 20 Feb 2014

As safety inspections on more than 1,500 garment factories supplying a group of mainly European retailers get underway this week, just-style speaks with Brad Loewen, the top safety official overseeing the effort.

Latest News

Leonie Barrie | 25 May 2016

Swedish fast-fashion retailer H&M, Zara brand owner Inditex and sportswear giant Nike are not only among the world’s leading brands, they also have some of the best supply chains too, according to a new review.

Michelle Russell | 20 May 2016

Swedish apparel retailer H&M has come under fire once more over workplace violations in its supply chains, in particular across India and Cambodia. 

Michelle Russell | 16 May 2016

Swedish retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) risks cannibalising store sales through the growth of its e-commerce business, analysts believe, adding that this could be detrimental to margins. 

Michelle Russell | 16 May 2016

Swedish fashion giant H&M has posted another monthly sales increase in Aoril, although growth was affected by cooler weather. 

Michelle Russell | 3 May 2016

Labour rights groups are once again calling on Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) to quicken the pace on Bangladesh supplier factory remediation work as the Swedish fashion retailer prepares to hold its annual general meeting.

Katie Smith | 15 Apr 2016

Swedish fashion giant H&M posted another monthly sales increase in March, although growth was slower than the prior month due to less favourable weather conditions and an earlier Easter.

Michelle Russell | 7 Apr 2016

Labour rights groups in Europe, Bangladesh and North America are urging Swedish fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) to keep its promises to make its Bangladeshi supplier factories safe. 

Michelle Russell | 6 Apr 2016

Swedish fashion group Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) saw profits slide in its first-quarter, albeit less than expected, as the negative US dollar effect made purchasing more expensive.

Katie Smith | 5 Apr 2016

Swedish clothing giant H&M says work to scale up its fair living wage efforts by adding all of its strategic suppliers by 2018 is "progressing according to plan". 

Katie Smith | 30 Mar 2016

Swedish fashion retailer H&M is taking its water stewardship efforts to "the next level" as part of a new five-year agreement with conservation group WWF. 

Leonie Barrie | 18 Mar 2016

Retailer H&M is the first fashion company to use Denimite – a material made out of recycled denim – as it continues to add more sustainable materials to its eco-friendly Conscious Exclusive collection.

Katie Smith | 15 Mar 2016

Swedish fashion giant H&M has booked increases in both its first-quarter and February sales, with the latter helped by the extra leap year day during the month. 

Katie Smith | 10 Mar 2016

Six large Chinese rayon and viscose producers have joined a commitment to stop sourcing the raw material from ancient and endangered forests.

Michelle Russell | 18 Feb 2016

Swedish fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) has placed a ban on sourcing cotton from Turkmenistan and Syria in a bid to eradicate forced labour from its supply chain.

Leonie Barrie | 15 Feb 2016

Swedish fashion giant H&M has posted a 7% rise in year-on-year sales in January, marking the 34th consecutive month of growth. 

Katie Smith | 8 Feb 2016

With support from Swedish fashion giant H&M, a new industrial relations project has launched in Ethiopia with the aim of improving the development of a socially sustainable textile and garment industry. 

Michelle Russell | 4 Feb 2016

Price competition between fast fashion retailers Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) and Primark has now reached an equilibrium in the UK, according to an analyst evaluation, with Primark's prices now consistently around 60% lower than that of its rival. 

Michelle Russell | 4 Feb 2016

Swedish apparel retailer H&M has joined forces with conservation and environmental advocacy group WWF to publish two investigative reports supporting strong action on water and good water governance in Bangladesh.

Michelle Russell | 3 Feb 2016

Labour rights groups say they are "disturbed" after a fire that broke out yesterday (2 February) at a Bangladesh garment factory supplying fashion retailers H&M and JC Penney that was "on track" with remedial action following an inspection by the US-based Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety.

Michelle Russell | 3 Feb 2016

Four major fashion brands have pledged to take serious action to remedy what has been alleged as "appalling living conditions" and "restricted freedom of movement" for apparel workers in Bangalore, India.

Michelle Russell | 1 Feb 2016

Fashion retailers Next Plc and H&M have admitted to finding Syrian refugee children working in their supplier factories in Turkey, prompting calls for other brands to take a closer look at their supply chains to take action to ensure minors are not being exploited.

Michelle Russell | 28 Jan 2016

Fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) has reported what analysts have described as "disappointing" fourth-quarter figures as margins and profit were hit by weaker sales in Europe and North America. 

Latest blogs

Leonie Barrie | 25 Sep 2015

Nike and Wal-Mart have used the annual Climate Week in New York to pledge to source 100% of their electricity from renewable energy, joining H&M and M&S as part of the RE100 campaign.

Michelle Russell | 21 Sep 2015

just-style has just launched an exciting offer for registered members: A full-year subscription with a saving of over one third on the usual price AND a free, 33-page report on how to develop a comprehensive sourcing strategy, by vendor, country and overseas representation.

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