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Christmas retail prospects 19 Dec 2008

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The week ahead will find US retailers at the eye of the Christmas trading storm, with seven out of the ten top grossing days of the holiday season all occurring in the eight-day period from 19-26 December. Richard Woodard looks at what lies in store.

Re-thinking the supply chain 16 Dec 2008

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The purpose of supply chain management is to deliver a product in the shortest period of time and at the lowest cost. In reality, however, it substantially increases both delivery time and product costs, says David Birnbaum, because the supply chain concept is deeply flawed. Here he proposes a new approach to garment sourcing.

Latvian textiles take a tumble 12 Dec 2008

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Latvia’s textile and clothing industry has been hit hard by the recent reversal of the country’s economic fortunes, as competitors in this labour intensive sector either close down or move production to cheaper locations. Monika Hanley reports from Riga.

The growing outsize market 8 Dec 2008

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Clothing that is specially made for petite, plus-sized and tall customers is one of the most dynamic segments of today’s apparel market, according to a new report from just-style. As such, it offers significant profit potential to manufacturers and marketers who can tailor their products to fit this outsize niche.

China's currency conundrum 2 Dec 2008

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Apparel makers around the world are profiting from the rising value of the Chinese currency. But this outbreak of optimism is totally misplaced believes Mike Flanagan, who says any shift in orders away from China is likely to be short-lived.

Holiday shopping season begins 28 Nov 2008

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The Black Friday shopping bonanza sets a precedent for holiday season sales in the US. But rarely has it been more important to fashion retailers as many try to manoeuvre their way out of the red after an all-round colourful third quarter. Joe Ayling reports.

The business case for ethical trade 25 Nov 2008

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The last decade was marked by huge gains in ethical trade and consumerism, as many retailers and brands put worker welfare at the heart of their global supply chains. But was this just a luxury of a booming economy? With the business agenda resetting, recession looming, and many firms fighting for survival, the challenge now is to make sure social responsibility isn’t just a matter of financial convenience. Leonie Barrie reports.

EU chemical rules 21 Nov 2008

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EU regulations that came into force last June require clothing manufacturers and importers to identify and quantify the chemicals used in their products. But companies only have until 1 December to complete the pre-registration process – and there are concerns that omissions will lead to delayed shipments and reduced productivity. Keith Nuthall reports.

Textiles in Taiwan 19 Nov 2008

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Thawing relations between Taiwan and China are set to generate closer trade ties between the two former political rivals – a move that should have a positive effect on Taiwan’s textile and apparel industry. Vicky Sung reports.

Retail sales continue to slide 14 Nov 2008

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Times might be tough for brand importers and retailers just now, but there are just two reasons why their goods are not moving believes David Birnbaum. Either “they are not buying what you are selling” or “you are not selling what they are buying.”

Nanotechnology in clothing 9 Nov 2008

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Nanotechnology can imbue textiles with eye-catching properties, but scientists and watchdogs are increasingly uncertain about the extent to which safety issues surrounding such developments have been explored. Mark Rowe reports.

Slowdown hits the supply chain 4 Nov 2008

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Hysterical headlines suggest clothing retailers’ sales are in meltdown, but the numbers behind them show the sector is suffering less than retail in general. Mike Flanagan believes the real victims are developing-world factories – and that Western buyers will see their supply chains seriously disrupted as a result of the way they have reacted to a simple sales slowdown.

IAF World Apparel Convention 30 Oct 2008

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US fashion brand group VF Corporation believes Asian manufacturers will continue their hold on the global apparel supply chain, despite reports of rising costs in China.

Adidas' winning streak 28 Oct 2008

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The battle for a share of the Chinese sportswear market is probably the most intense in the world. For Adidas, however, 2008 is the year the brand finally took pole position, buoyed by its sponsorship of the Olympic Games and the opening of hundreds of new stores. The challenge now is to retain its lead, as Wolfgang Bentheimer, managing director of Adidas Greater China, tells Dominique Patton.

Manufacturing movers and shakers 24 Oct 2008

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How will the global apparel industry change over the next five or so years? A new report from just-style believes there will be slowdowns in the activity of apparel outsourcing powerhouses such as India and China, and a continuing rise by shooting stars such as Vietnam and Bangladesh. Shorter runs for each style and faster time to market will also continue to put pressure on the supply chain.

Retail sales unravelling 22 Oct 2008

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Given the seeming disintegration of the world economies, it is pretty easy for retailers to claim they are victims of circumstances beyond their control. But David Birnbaum believes retailers’ problems go back long before the current financial crisis, to the point where they stopped giving consumers what they wanted and sacrificed both style and quality in the pursuit of money.

Iceland meltdown 17 Oct 2008

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The well-documented collapse of Iceland's banking system must be making the quiet Nordic nation, stuck out in the North Atlantic Ocean, feel more isolated than ever. However, it also gives rise to an unprecedented opportunity for investors, including retail mogul Sir Philip Green, to gain control of big chunks of the UK high street by buying the retail stakes held by Icelandic investor Baugur Group. Joe Ayling reports.

New barriers to textile trade 14 Oct 2008

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With the Western recession likely to get a lot worse, and import quotas on Chinese clothing and textile imports into the US due to expire at the end of this year, it’s a safe bet there’ll be many more calls for trade barriers. US lawmakers are already upping the ante but will be forced to follow the rule book, as Mike Flanagan explains.

Sri Lanka's GSP+ under fire 8 Oct 2008

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Sri Lanka is due to submit its application for an extension of the GSP+ trade concession to the European Commission at the end of this month. But uncertainties about whether or not the scheme will be renewed are already affecting garment factories, with buyers seeking assurances that they will not have to pay new duties. Dilshani Samaraweera reports.

South African industry struggles 3 Oct 2008

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South African restrictions on imports of Chinese textiles and clothing have not come to the rescue of the country’s ailing textile sector as effectively as had been hoped. Brian Brink, executive director of South African industry group Textile Federation (Texfed), tells just-style why firms continues to struggle.

Retail in China 1 Oct 2008

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Marks & Spencer will open its first store in mainland China on Thursday (2 October), hoping to shore up flagging sales at home with new sales in one of the world’s fastest growing fashion markets. But while Chinese consumers are increasingly interested in foreign brands, will rising inflation and slower income growth dampen their enthusiasm to spend? asks Dominique Patton.

Wall Street woes 26 Sep 2008

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Last week, an unprecedented series of events in the US financial sector shook global markets, leaving retailers and brands anxious that already tough trading conditions could worsen still. Joe Ayling reports on how the Wall Street meltdown dealt a further blow to fashion operators and could mean that international expansion is the best short-term fix.

Textile firms divided on GM 23 Sep 2008

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Scientists are increasingly looking at the extent to which altering the genetic components of a range of products used in textiles can influence the clothes they’re made into. But while Genetically modified (GM) textiles are on the market in the US, there are concerns about its use in Europe. By Mark Rowe and Monica Dobie.

Crocs at a crossroads 19 Sep 2008

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From stock market darling to Nasdaq basket case, the fall of Crocs Inc has been dramatic and swift. With US sales plummeting and international revenues coming in short of expectations, the footwear company faces an uncertain future – and may need a white knight to come riding to its rescue. Richard Woodard reports.

Challenges facing China 16 Sep 2008

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Why is China’s share of world clothing manufacture increasing when stories abound of its rising inflation, factories going out of business, and worker shortages? Part of this growth is due to burgeoning sales to the EU, but Mike Flanagan believes the country is also keen to propagate an aura of gloom.

Vietnam's new-found export strength 11 Sep 2008

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Vietnam became the number two supplier of apparel to the US in the first four months of 2008, according to a new report. Just a year earlier, Vietnam had ranked as low as fifth. This growth comes despite a US import monitoring programme which has failed to scare buyers away.

Size matters 22 Aug 2008

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With western high street stalwarts like Marks & Spencer, Topshop, Zara, H&M and C&A all setting their sights on China's 700m middle-class consumers, the pressure is on to make sure their investments generate as many sales as possible. Adapting their clothes sizes to Chinese body shapes is one sure way says Janice Wang, CEO of size and fit expert Alvanon.

Don't write off China 22 Aug 2008

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Reports that China may be losing its competitive edge in textiles and clothing are becoming increasingly common. But they could be premature, says David Birnbaum, who advises the industry not to write off China just yet.

Bankruptcy filings on the rise 22 Aug 2008

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A string of Chapter 11 filings by clothing and footwear retailers in recent months shows that fashion is feeling the pinch of an economic slowdown in the US. However, this week's news that fashion chain Steve & Barry's is being bought by an investment firm for US$168m will do much to buoy the sector. Joe Ayling reports.

Virtual fashion design 16 Aug 2008

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With an increasing focus on quick response and short runs of multiple garment styles, more and more time in the production process is being given over to samples and pre-production work. Here Niki Tait looks at some of the tools behind bringing a good design to market.