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Behind the brand: Innovation at Gore 2 Nov 2015

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Last week’s introduction of WL Gore & Associates’ new technologies for performance outerwear follows a long tradition of innovation based on the company’s manipulation of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), a polymer that is hydrophobic as well as slick. Debra Cobb finds our more during a tour of the Gore Capability Center.

All eyes on Ethiopia as an emerging sourcing hub 28 Oct 2015

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There has been a big buzz around Ethiopia as a potential source of apparel for at least the last five years – yet disappointingly small exports of just US$112m in 2014. But that could finally be set to change.

Local-for-local shapes Under Armour manufacturing vision 27 Oct 2015

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Having set out plans to double annual revenues to US$7.5bn by 2018, US sportswear giant Under Armour is adding more detail on the building blocks that will help to achieve its big-picture ambitions – including a shake-up of the way it makes its products.

How Primark’s cut-price clothing could shake up US retail 23 Oct 2015

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With its up-to-the-minute fashions at rock-bottom prices, Primark sells more clothes than any other retailer in the UK. As the chain makes its first foray into the US, analysts are not surprisingly taking a close look at its potential, and asking which of its rivals is most at risk from this apparel retail disruptor.

Talon tailors Tekfit stretch technology for athleisure 16 Oct 2015

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US apparel fastener and trim supplier Talon International says it is trialling new stretch and recovery technology for the athletic and growing athleisure markets, in addition to a complete “game-changer” for the zipper market.

Cambodia leads US apparel import growth in August 12 Oct 2015

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Apparel imports into the US continued on their upward trajectory in August, with seven of the top ten supplier countries booking year-on-year growth. Cambodia led the pack, posting a solid double-digit gain, with strong increases also recorded by China, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Negotiators agree landmark TPP trade deal 6 Oct 2015

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After more than five years of negotiations, leaders of 12 Pacific Rim countries, including the US, Japan and Vietnam, have finally concluded negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – paving the way for what will be the world's largest free trade agreement.

Can Gap maintain its momentum minus Larsson? 2 Oct 2015

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The unexpected departure of Old Navy president Stefan Larsson to become CEO of Ralph Lauren has prompted analysts to ask whether parent Gap Inc can maintain its momentum as it tries to turnaround its Banana Republic and Gap brands.

Athletic players "well positioned" amid disruption 28 Sep 2015

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Deflationary pressures, the rise of Amazon and the expansion of off-price and fast fashion chains all have the potential to disrupt traditional US apparel retailers - but it is the athletic players that are “well positioned” to come out on top, analysts suggest.

New approach to garment industry living wage 25 Sep 2015

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A new initiative launched this year to find a way of linking the supply chain responsibilities of buyers to the collective bargaining process between local unions and employers, aims to address the issue of a living wage in the garment industry. Industry-wide collaboration, however, is key as the group tackles Cambodia first.

Bangladesh Alliance remains a "work in progress" 18 Sep 2015

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The group of North American brands and retailers working to improve safety in Bangladesh's ready-made garment factories continued to make progress in their second year. But challenges remain in remediation and financing, and more work is needed if the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety is to leave a legacy of safer factories in 2018.

Apparel and textile production rises in key regions 18 Sep 2015

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World apparel and textile production growth in the second quarter depicts a mixed picture, reflecting wider challenges in the global economy.

Vietnam continues to lead US apparel import growth 7 Sep 2015

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Apparel imports into the US continued on their upward trajectory in July, with all but one of the top ten supplier countries booking year-on-year growth. While Vietnam led with pack, posting a solid double-digit gain for a fifth consecutive month, strong gains were also recorded by China, Bangladesh and Cambodia.

Trade agreements: Where next for textiles and clothing? 3 Sep 2015

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This month's management briefing looks at trade agreements with some of the most significant implications for the clothing and textile industry - including the elusive but tantalising Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the renewed African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). We also look at the impact of deals already in place with the US and EU and their trading partners.

Yuan devaluation offers mixed fortunes for garment firms 25 Aug 2015

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Apparel industry executives are playing down the potential impact of the decision by China's central bank to reduce the value the yuan to its lowest rate against the US dollar in almost three years.

Asian union development: is there another way? 24 Aug 2015

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The efforts of multinational brands, retailers and importers to impose minimum wages and better working conditions in their supplier factories, while good in the short run, will result in greater problems in the long run, says David Birnbaum. Instead, he proposes that customers who want to raise worker standards in their supplier factories must find a third way forward.

TPP may unravel unless it is agreed by Christmas 24 Aug 2015

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Defying high hopes, last month's Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks in Hawaii failed to result in a deal, leaving US textile and apparel companies in the lurch when it comes to everything from sourcing outlooks to export scenarios. And industry executives now warn that the TPP may unravel unless it is agreed by Christmas.

What will Britain’s Modern Slavery Act achieve? 14 Aug 2015

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Britain’s Modern Slavery Act (MSA), which began coming into force on 31 July, sets new disclosure standards on an extraordinary number of garment businesses. But its legal niceties won’t really determine the law’s impact.

Sourcing Africa: Collaboration key to success in East Africa 14 Aug 2015

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Interest in East Africa as a potential apparel sourcing destination has been on the rise, yet the results of a new survey suggest the road ahead won't be an easy one.

Latest TPP talks fail to clinch a deal 6 Aug 2015

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After the latest round of TPP talks failed to clinch a deal last week, the race is now on to secure an agreement before the US presidential elections halt progress.

Software solutions: Trends and Developments 3 Aug 2015

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From PLM and ERP, to digital design and protptyping, the latest software developments are opening up new opportunities for apparel brands and retailers, as well as a more streamlined shopping experience for their customers. We round up the most exciting trends in this month’s management briefing.

VF Corp confirms interest in Africa sourcing 29 Jul 2015

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US apparel giant VF Corp has confirmed its interest in Africa as a sourcing destination as it continues to create a "balanced portfolio" of countries where it can manufacture its products.

Will Amazon take over the US apparel market? 23 Jul 2015

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A prediction this week that internet giant Amazon could take the top spot for US apparel retailing by 2017 is a gross exaggeration, according to Mike Flanagan. But it does raise intriguing questions about Amazon’s possible impact on the clothing market.

When will Bangladesh take compliance seriously? 17 Jul 2015

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Are Bangladesh’s garment factory owners about to destroy their extraordinary apparel success story? Neither the BGMEA nor the Bangladesh government appear to show any real interest in developing a compliant garment industry.

Wage plans leave Myanmar garment industry in limbo 14 Jul 2015

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Myanmar’s garment industry is in hiatus due to uncertainty over the proposed minimum wage announced by the government at the end of last month.

China bounces back as May US apparel imports grow 10 Jul 2015

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Apparel imports into the US continued on their upward trajectory in May, with China bouncing back from its second decline this year, Vietnam surging and Bangladesh increasing further. But while eight of the top-ten supplier counties saw growth, those further down the list suffered.

Sustainability: Supply chain initiatives push ahead 6 Jul 2015

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Sustainability in the textiles and apparel industry continues to evolve. In this month’s management briefing, just-style looks at collaborative platforms, compliance in China, improvements at low-cost Asian suppliers, and efforts by Bangladesh to up the ante on sustainable production.

Marks & Spencer focuses on compliance, transparency and ethics 3 Jul 2015

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As M&S looks to further improve compliance in the development of international labour practices and management systems, the UK retailer this week prepared the launch of a supply chain human rights policy. The UK retail group also published the first results of its Global Community Programme.

US trade agenda back on track 26 Jun 2015

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President Obama’s trade agenda took a major step forward yesterday (24 June) after the US Senate passed fast-track legislation seen as key to finalising a pending agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Gap and H&M back Myanmar path to labour reform 26 Jun 2015

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Myanmar is set to become a more attractive garment sourcing and investment destination after plans were agreed on labour law reforms in the country – with Gap and H&M coming out in support of the proposals.