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Gap audits reveal compliance issues at Myanmar factories 2 Sep 2014

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US retail giant Gap Inc has made no secret of the fact that it faced - and continues to face - a number of compliance issues linked to its decision to start sourcing garments from Myanmar/Burma. And the extent of these challenges has now been revealed.

Back-to-school spending a waiting game 2 Sep 2014

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The second biggest shopping season of the year is drawing to a close, but it appears many people have yet to wrap up their back-to-school buying. With consumers continuing to remain cautious about their spending, promotions and bargains are set to drive sales for clothing and footwear retailers this year - with those offering on-trend product likely to fare best.

Li & Fung looks to new frontiers for growth 26 Aug 2014

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Li & Fung has outlined a number of new frontiers the global sourcing giant is looking to explore as it works through its three-year roadmap, which it hopes will capture new customers in new categories and countries, and increase the group's cross-selling activities.

Hazardous chemical removal a key industry issue 20 Aug 2014

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Since Greenpeace published its Dirty Laundry report in 2011, revealing toxic chemicals in waste water discharges from two textile processing facilities in China, the environmental pressure group has been calling on apparel firms to remove these from their supply chains.

Cambodia's future outsourcing prospects uncertain 20 Aug 2014

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If Cambodia's US$5.5bn garment industry is not at a crossroads, it is approaching one, according to participants speaking to just-style at an industry trade show held in Phnom Penh.

Apparel industry reacts to Russia tensions 15 Aug 2014

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The escalating tensions between Russia and the West came to a head last week when Putin ordered a year-long restriction on food imports. B while related to food, the apparel industry is unlikely to be immune from the effects of the standoff.

US apparel import data shows China competitiveness 8 Aug 2014

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Half-way through the year and US apparel imports are taking shape to give a broader view of the trends so far - including average unit costs from China falling below those of Bangladesh. Not surprisingly, supply options in the first six months of 2014 point to China and Vietnam as the ongoing winners, while shipments from Bangladesh continue to drop.

Green garments: Supply chain sustainability initiatives 4 Aug 2014

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Sustainability in the global textile and clothing industry is continuing to mature. In this month’s management briefing, just-style looks at ongoing developments including sustainability initiatives taking place in Asia, progress on closed loop supply chains, and the groundswell in green branding.

The current state of play in world garment exports 31 Jul 2014

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Data from major garment exporting countries to the EU and US shows who's winning and losing so far in 2014.

Change management key to PLM project success 30 Jul 2014

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It's one thing to invest in a product lifecycle management (PLM) system - but another altogether to get the most value out of the solution. Indeed, according to industry experts speaking in London last week, PLM projects should be driven from a business perspective if they are to deliver real gains in terms of revenue, margin improvement and inventory efficiency - with users on board from the beginning.

Alliance and Accord publish annual reports 25 Jul 2014

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This month, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, and the Accord on Fire and Building Safety both issued their first annual reports, providing an update on the work carried out on improving safety and working conditions in the country to date. just-style took a closer look.

Clothing remains key focus for retail giant Tesco 22 Jul 2014

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Tesco this week announced its CEO, Philip Clarke, is to step down as it issued another profit warning. The news has come as little surprise to the industry who believe his successor, Dave Lewis, could be just what the retail behemoth needs.

Indian apparel exporters discuss policy changes 21 Jul 2014

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Indian apparel exporters have demanded a series of favourable policy decisions from the new Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government.

Gap's Myanmar move highlights country's potential 7 Jul 2014

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Faced with the growing risks of producing in Bangladesh and Cambodia as well as the rising cost of countries like China and Indonesia, it is unsurprising that apparel giant Gap Inc should begin sourcing from Myanmar. just-style takes a closer look at the country's textile and garment industry.

Compliance still a concern in Cambodian garment sector 4 Jul 2014

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Although there has been a slight improvement in the proper payment of wages and benefits within Cambodia's garment and footwear industry, non-compliance in areas related to worker health and safety and fainting remains "significant", a new study has found.

The trends and future of supply chain software 1 Jul 2014

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The last few years have seen tremendous changes in the technological landscape of 'product lifecycle management' (PLM) and 'enterprise resource planning' (ERP) systems. This month's Management Briefing takes a look at the trends and the future of supply chain software.

M&S updates Plan A sustainability scheme 25 Jun 2014

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UK retailer Marks & Spencer has described its efforts to ensure workers in the factories it sources from are paid a fair living wage is an "ever-moving feast". But it is making progress, as executives explained during an update to the group's Plan A sustainability initiative.

African apparel makers must plan for renewed AGOA 25 Jun 2014

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There are growing opportunities in the US for African clothing and textile producers, but a long-term preferential trade agreement is needed for them to develop supply chains that can meet demand.

'Made in Myanmar' forges ahead 20 Jun 2014

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Investment in the Burma/Myanmar garment sector is continuing apace, with Gap Inc to start sourcing its first garments and Hong Kong companies preparing to set up a new apparel industrial park in Yangon.

US brands and retailers share their sourcing strategies 16 Jun 2014

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The United States Fashion Industry Association has published the results of its first-ever benchmarking study, garnering views from executives on their business outlook, sourcing practices, utilisation of free trade agreements and preference programmes, and views on trade policy.

Sainsbury's reaping benefits of clothing investments 11 Jun 2014

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Sainsbury's has issued its first-quarter trading update, in which it revealed its clothing business has continued to grow strongly, delivering double-digit like-for-like sales growth. Analysts believe the UK retailer is now reaping the benefits of considerable investment.

Bangladesh lags as Vietnam leads US import growth 6 Jun 2014

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As US retailers stocked up in anticipation of a busy spring and summer, their preferred supplier choices in April continued to be led by China and Vietnam. But the decline in shipments from Bangladesh appears to be accelerating.

Sourcing shifts: Changes and challenges 4 Jun 2014

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As brands and retailers set higher production standards and create ever more complex supply chains, they need to consider all the risks when switching suppliers. This month’s management briefing also looks at changes in China and other supplier countries, and technology to help track and oversee sourcing shifts.

Cambodia wage talks set to resume 4 Jun 2014

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Talks over the setting of a minimum wage for garment and textile workers in Cambodia are set to resume later this month, after global brands and retailers warned ongoing political instability and alleged human rights violations threaten the country's status as a strategic sourcing market

Anti-China protests: a wake-up call for Vietnam production 19 May 2014

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For buyers and foreign investors who have been piling into Vietnam's textile, clothing and footwear industries, this week's large-scale and increasingly violent anti-China protests may prove to be a wake-up call.

Mauritius: A rising star for sourcing textiles and apparel 14 May 2014

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The Mauritian textile and apparel sector accounts for more than 55% of the country's export earnings. As a result, manufacturers are working hard to sustain this growth. just-style takes a closer look at the country's largest export.

Factory safety and auditing: The key challenges 2 May 2014

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Clothing brands and retailers have ramped up their focus on supplier factory safety over the past 18 months. As well as the challenges of implementing new requirements in Bangladesh, this month’s management briefing looks at similar issues across Asia. We also report on how auditing software can help boost supply chain safety, and the fragmentation of global standards.

China's Yue Yuen shoe factory strike 25 Apr 2014

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Workers at the Yue Yuen shoe factory, which supplies Adidas and Nike, have been striking for nearly two weeks. The dispute centres, which around social security payments, is likely one of the largest Chinese worker strikes in recent history with around 40,000 employees involved. just-style has been following the situation closely.

Rana Plaza one year on 24 Apr 2014

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One year ago, one of the worst industrial disasters in history occurred when the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed, killing nearly 1,200 garment workers. just-style has followed developments closely over the last 12 months...

Prime Source Forum 2014 14 Apr 2014

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The apparel industry needs to find a better way of doing business. That's the stark message to emerge from supply chain executives who attended the annual Prime Source Forum in Hong Kong this year.

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