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Women's wear continues to weigh on M&S 5 Nov 2013

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A question mark continues to hang over Marks & Spencer's clothing performance after the retailer recorded its ninth consecutive quarterly decline in like-for-like general merchandise sales - despite the much-publicised re-launch of its autumn/winter women's wear ranges in September.

Bangladesh: six months after Rana Plaza 27 Oct 2013

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In the week that marked six months since the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building in Bangladesh, attention not surprisingly turned to ongoing efforts to improve garment worker safety – and the progress made so far.

Sri Lanka inches closer to 'regional hub' dream 16 Oct 2013

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Export growth, increased foreign direct investments, and a strategic location may help emerging economies such as Sri Lanka to realise ambitious dreams to become regional production hubs.

Bangladesh factory fire underpins new safety calls 11 Oct 2013

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Less than six months after the Rana Plaza building collapsed killing 1,132 garment workers, Bangladesh has been rocked by the death of at least nine workers in a fire at a fabric mill. The tragedy has led to renewed calls for efforts to ensure factory safety - as well as questions on the extent to which audits need to be carried out further down the supply chain.

Fast fashion: Retail demands speed up the supply chain 3 Oct 2013

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Fast fashion companies are increasing their speed to market in response to demand for up-to-the-minute styles and trends at relatively low prices. In this month’s management briefing, just-style looks at the impact this is having on manufacturing and supply chains, production processes and proximity.

Change is key to helping China face new challenges 1 Oct 2013

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International clothing and textile experts gathered near Shanghai last week to discuss solutions to China's twin challenges - dealing with less foreign demand, while managing rising production costs.

Challenging times ahead on the apparel sourcing front 27 Sep 2013

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Is Bangladesh losing its lustre with garment buyers as ongoing factory safety issues and unrest take their toll? The results of a new survey suggest this could be the case - yet it still remains the country of choice in a sector where price continues to hold sway when it comes to sourcing decisions.

World apparel and textile production continues to rise 19 Sep 2013

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Global apparel and textile production has continued its year-on-year growth into the second quarter, with developing and emerging economies not surprisingly leading the way.

Fibre and its role in the global garment industry 11 Sep 2013

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For most industries, the availability of local raw materials is a decided advantage. Not so for the garment industry, where the relationship between a country's access to local fibre seems to stifle its ability to follow changes in customer demand.

US textile and apparel imports continue to climb 9 Sep 2013

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US textile and apparel imports continued to climb in July as retailers brought more merchandise into the country for the back-to-school season, with double-digit gains seen by both Bangladesh and Vietnam.

RFID: Business benefits for the apparel industry 3 Sep 2013

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As Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging has matured, the technology’s benefits for the apparel industry have become clear. Here, just-style looks at the latest innovations, opportunities for enhanced supply chain visibility and return on investment, increased accuracy in inventory and out-of-stock management, protection against theft and counterfeits, and the impact of omni-channel retailing.

Worthless Billabong still in choppy waters 29 Aug 2013

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Troubled Australian surfwear brand Billabong is attempting to move beyond recent turbulence and onto its turnaround plans, but uncertainty still remains.

Bangladesh: Redefining the apparel supply chain 27 Aug 2013

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Far from marking the beginning of the end for Bangladesh's garment export sector, recent tragedies have set the industry on a course that could see it evolve into a world-class player. And more than that, the changes underway could also redefine the apparel supply chain of the future.

China changes drive global sourcing search 15 Aug 2013

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In its constant search for cheaper and cheaper production bases around the world, there are few places the apparel and textile industry has left untouched. But still the search goes on. From Africa to the Americas, Burma to Bangladesh, there seems to be a never-ending debate as to the next sourcing hotspot.

Green garments: Sustainability in the supply chain 9 Aug 2013

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In its drive to become more ethical and environmentally-friendly, the global fashion and textile industry is facing numerous challenges and opportunities. In this month’s management briefing, just-style looks at how apparel manufacturers are seeking sustainable options such as eco-labels and closed loop supply chains, while brands are acting to reduce their toxic chemical use.

Monitoring supplier workforces via mobile phone 30 Jul 2013

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The use of mobile phones to monitor labour abuses in apparel-making countries is emerging as an accelerating trend this year, as apparel brands and retailers come under increasing pressure to be more accountable for their supplier base. Not only are two programmes being used by Marks & Spencer and Wal-Mart, but the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety plans to set up an anonymous worker hotline later this year.

Could India rival China as a clothing exporter? 22 Jul 2013

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The Indian apparel industry has made progress with backward integration over the last five years, but needs to continue to reorganise to play to its strengths. If India does invest, it could rival China as clothing exporter.

Buy-in from all levels pivotal to apparel PLM success 18 Jul 2013

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In theory, the decision to invest in a product lifecycle management (PLM) system shouldn't be a hard sell, with well-documented benefits including faster development cycles and greater control over costs and collaboration. Yet in reality, one of the biggest challenges facing apparel PLM projects still seems to be convincing stakeholders and shareholders that it is worth embarking on.

How do the Bangladesh safety pacts measure up? 12 Jul 2013

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Unveiling a new five-year plan to improve worker safety at the factories in Bangladesh that produce their clothing, North American brands and retailers were keen to stress the similarities between their own initiative and a separate scheme backed by 70 mainly European companies. That said, there are considerable differences too.

Bangladesh safety accord firms to inspect all factories 8 Jul 2013

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The group of 70 retailers and brands that have signed up to the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh have agreed to inspect all of their supplier factories in the country within the next nine months.

Croatia clothing sector eyes boost from EU accession 1 Jul 2013

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Croatia became the 28th member state of the European Union on 1 July 2013. The move offers greater access to EU customers for its textiles and clothing, as well as potential benefits from EU investment funds.

Texprocess & Techtextil 2013 21 Jun 2013

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Faster time-to-market, better quality and lower cost are the drivers behind the latest developments unveiled at last week's Texprocess and Techtextil trade fairs in Frankfurt, Germany. Here, just-style presents a snapshot of some of the innovations on show for apparel makers.

Lululemon still counting Luon cost 14 Jun 2013

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Assessing the true cost of Lululemon’s recall of its hugely popular black Luon pants back in March could take some time yet.

Get your act together on Bangladesh, industry told 7 Jun 2013

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The Rana Plaza factory disaster should be a wake-up call for everyone involved in the apparel industry - and the catalyst for real, systematic change in Bangladesh -the US Senate hasbeen told during a special hearing.

Cambodia: a rising star with a falling reputation? 25 May 2013

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Cambodia's reputation as a standard-bearer for apparel workers' rights is wearing thin - and yet the country is a rising star when it comes to attracting foreign investment and increasing exports.

Transatlantic divide on Bangladesh factory safety 16 May 2013

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Apparel brands and retailers have been rushing to agree new rules to improve safety in Bangladesh garment factories. But while European firms are favouring the new Accord on Fire and Building Safety, a coalition of North American retailers has gone its own way with the Safer Factories Initiative.

Marks & Spencer to modernise sourcing and supply chain 13 May 2013

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Retailer Marks & Spencer is working to update its sourcing and logistics systems after admitting that 20 years of under-investment have led to a sluggish and inconsistent supply chain.

Factory collapse casts another shadow over Bangladesh 24 Apr 2013

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An eight-storey commercial building that housed five garment factories has collapsed near the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, killing nearly 100 people - most of them apparel workers - and leaving several hundred others injured.

Supply chain key to Gap's global growth plans 22 Apr 2013

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As turnaround efforts finally start to take hold at US specialty clothing retailer Gap Inc, the company is now focusing on leveraging its global brands to gain a larger share of the $1.4trn global apparel market.

M&S expects clothing improvement in autumn 15 Apr 2013

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Marks & Spencer has highlighted the efforts already being made by the retailer's new clothing design team - but stresses the full results of their efforts won't be seen until the autumn/winter range is released.

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