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Luxury fibres and fabrics: Changes in supply and demand 1 Nov 2012

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Despite the challenging global economic climate, demand for high-end apparel continues unscathed. Our management briefing this month looks at changes in the supply and demand of luxury fibres and fabrics, sourcing shifts, and web-based tools and trade fairs to help narrow down a product search.

October 2012 management briefing: Broadening horizons for outsourcing suppliers 1 Oct 2012

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Emerging economies have traditionally been the focus for outsourcing opportunities. But the dynamics are beginning to change. This month’s management briefing looks at the trend for suppliers to develop their own design hubs, alternative markets for brands and retailers, and new competitors vying for business.

September 2012 management briefing: RFID in apparel supply chains 3 Sep 2012

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Major clothing retailers, brands and importers are benefiting from the data collection and management options offered by new technology in labels - especially radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. Not only does this represent a fundamental piece of the production process that can be leveraged to save money and increase sales, but the technology, too, is becoming increasingly sophisticated - as this management briefing reports.

August 2012 management briefing: Luxury apparel in Latin America 1 Aug 2012

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It's no secret that China continues to steal the bulk of the world's luxury apparel and goods sales, accounting for some 50% of the total. But with China's growth rate forecast to slow in 2016, luxury houses are looking to expand in other markets - and Latin America tops that list. This month's management briefing looks at the challenges and opportunities the region presents.

July 2012 management briefing: Fast fashion’s competitive advantages 2 Jul 2012

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From catwalk to consumers, fast fashion companies are increasing their speed to market in response to demand for up-to-the-minute styles and trends at relatively low prices. In this month’s management briefing, just-style looks at the impact this is having on manufacturing and supply chains, retail strategies, global trends and the bottom line.

June 2012 management briefing: Smart textiles and wearable technology 1 Jun 2012

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The market for smart textiles and wearable technology has the potential to change the way people dress, communicate, respond to emergencies, manage their health and even entertain themselves. But the industry continues to move slowly in terms of commercialisation and is not without certain risks – as this month’s management briefing explains.

May 2012 management briefing: Apparel software trends in the year ahead 1 May 2012

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In this month's management briefing, just-style canvasses the views of software experts on the biggest challenges facing the global apparel supply chain in 2012 and the ways technology can help tackle some of these issues. We also ask where firms should be focusing their investments now if they want to remain competitive into the future.

April 2012 management briefing: Recycling textiles and clothing 3 Apr 2012

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With fast fashion and quick turnover key commercial ingredients of today’s apparel industry, excess textile production is prompting the sector to gravitate towards more recycling and reuse of materials, to conserve energy, increase sustainability and lower raw material costs. In this month’s management briefing just-style looks at solutions to boost textile recycling, services on offer, worldwide initiatives and regulations.

January/February 2012 management briefing: Apparel industry issues to watch in 2012 2 Feb 2012

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For this year's annual management briefing on apparel industry issues to watch in the year ahead, just-style asked leading executives for their feedback on the challenges and opportunities likely to emerge in 2012. Their insight provides a fascinating overview of the state of the sector today.

December 2011 management briefing: A year in review 19 Dec 2011

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Global economic turmoil continued to impact on the apparel industry in 2011, and in all sectors, from retailing to manufacturing and sourcing, winners and losers were not hard to find. just-style’s review of the year tracks those for whom 2011 will be memorable in more ways than one, and also takes a look at some of the more unusual stories hitting the headlines.

Bonus: Australian retail's perfect storm 7 Nov 2011

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Australian apparel retailers are facing a perfect storm. The country is only now seeing signs of the global economic crisis, the strong Australian dollar is driving shoppers to look at international online retailers - and the world's major fast fashion retailers are plotting their entries. Petah Marian reports on how the major firms are faring.

November 2011 management briefing: Fibres and yarns 1 Nov 2011

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Following a period of turmoil over the past year as apparel retailers, brands and manufacturers grappled with soaring cotton costs, this month’s management briefing from just-style looks at the latest fluctuations in the market. Natural fibres and yarns still hold strong, there is talk of a rise in domestic yarn and fibre sourcing in the west, man-made fibres are waiting in the wings, and cotton supplies fuel the struggle between Indian producers and users.

October 2011 management briefing: ERP-PLM on the apparel radar 4 Oct 2011

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It's no secret that Product Lifecycle Managment (PLM) has taken the global apparel industry by storm. But a much older and less popular cousin - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - is now back on the radar as clothiers realise that linking it with PLM yields bigger benefits than using either technology alone. This month's management briefing from just-style looks at the rise of integrated ERP-PLM solutions, implementation issues, and its growth in emerging markets.

September 2011 management briefing: Size, fit and 3D fashion tools 1 Sep 2011

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Garment sizing and fit can be a major challenge for clothing manufacturers. Not only do they change in line with the population's expanding waistlines, but as more and more firms start selling internationally they need to adapt their ranges to new markets. This management briefing looks at the issues – and discusses how 3D technology can be used to help designers, pattern makers and even online retailers to increase sales and reduce returns.

August 2011 management briefing: Corporate responsibility gets a collaborative edge 5 Aug 2011

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Collective corporate responsibility activity in the clothing sector has risen to a new level this year, on the one hand setting up the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to tackle environmental and social issues, and on the other making moves to address the commercialisation and sexualisation of children. This month’s management briefing takes a closer look.

July 2011 management briefing: PLM software in the apparel supply chain 1 Jul 2011

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Three years ago industry observers forecast that product lifecycle management (PLM) software would be a make-or-break investment for the apparel industry. That was before the global economic slowdown of course, but software suppliers remain confident the tools are even more relevant today as firms seek to save crucial time and money in their sourcing, supply and inventory activities.

June 2011 management briefing: The changing face of clothing retail 1 Jun 2011

Contains 4 articles

As the economic recovery accelerates, global clothing retail trends are showing great diversity. From eco-friendly fashions to online opportunities and emerging BRICM markets, this management briefing from just-style looks at where the smart money will be heading next.

May 2011 management briefing: Apparel software trends in the year ahead 4 May 2011

Contains 4 articles

In this month’s management briefing, just-style looks at apparel supply challenges in 2011, how software can help tackle some of these issues, and where firms should be focusing their investments now if they want to remain competitive into the future.

March 2011 management briefing: Eco-friendly textiles and clothing 4 Mar 2011

Contains 4 articles

In its drive to become more ethical and environmentally-friendly, the global fashion and textile industry is facing numerous challenges and opportunities. In this month’s management briefing, just-style looks at how green production can help to cut costs and deal with factory waste, and the way regulations are pushing the sector towards sustainability.

January/February 2011 management briefing: Apparel industry issues to watch in 2011 7 Feb 2011

Contains 4 articles

A perfect storm of supply and demand has left apparel manufacturers and retailers facing a cocktail of higher costs at a time when western economies are still limping towards recovery. Here just-style looks at some of the key issues topping the apparel industry agenda in 2011, including what will happen to cotton prices and availability; how firms can try to alleviate some of the pain within their supply chains; and opportunities for the retail sector.

December 2010 management briefing: A year in review 20 Dec 2010

Contains 4 articles

The global apparel industry was largely in recovery mode in 2010 following global economic turmoil the year before. And in all sectors, from retailing to manufacturing and sourcing, winners and losers were not hard to find. just-style’s review of the year tracks those for whom 2010 will be memorable in more ways than one, and also takes a look at some of the more unusual stories hitting the headlines.

November 2010 management briefing: Tapping into RFID tagging 22 Nov 2010

Contains 3 articles

RFID’s growth could be poised to accelerate dramatically, in a move that would take apparel retailing to a whole new level. Networked clothing that ‘talks’ to mirrors and shelves, increased accuracy in inventory and stock management, and protection against theft and counterfeits are a few of the benefits discussed in just-style’s November management briefing. But privacy concerns are also likely escalate as the tags become popular.

October 2010 management briefing: Tomorrow’s clothing and textile industry 25 Oct 2010

Contains 4 articles

In ten years’ time the textile and clothing industry maybe almost unrecognisable from its organisation today: Chinese-owned offshore production, unstoppable e-commerce, demand for eco-textiles, shifting luxury markets to Asia’s new middle class, and higher prices for everyone, are just some of the predictions discussed in this management briefing.

September 2010 management briefing: Clothing safety regulations 27 Sep 2010

Contains 4 articles

Wearing clothes is not the most dangerous of pastimes, but there are risks associated with wearing clothes, from the contact consumers and workers' skin has with the chemicals used in production, to potential for strangulation by drawstrings. This management briefing looks at how mature markets protect clothing and textile consumers from harm; how companies can make the REACH chemical safety system work for them; and how emerging markets are playing catch-up on global safety standards.

August 2010 management briefing: Distance to market 27 Aug 2010

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In troubled economic times it is safer to order small, often and close to home. Conversely, will the return of relative stability see textile and clothing firms ramp up their sourcing from manufacturers with low labour costs in Asia, no matter the distance to market? just-style's latest management briefing takes a look.

July 2010 management briefing: Size matters 27 Jul 2010

Contains 5 articles

Addressing size and fit issues is key to helping brands and retailers maintain a competitive edge and build their businesses in new and existing markets. In this latest management briefing, just-style looks at the challenges facing firms as they expand intentionally, the potential for growth in the US plus-size market, and how the latest data on body size has a commercial role to play.

June 2010 management briefing: Latin America special report 25 Jun 2010

Contains 4 articles

There are signs around the world that the textile market is beginning to recover from the global economic crisis, and that developing markets will be leading the recovery. Here, just-style looks at how countries in Latin America have weathered the storm, with their dynamic textile and apparel industries now well positioned for future expansion.

BONUS: June 2010 management briefing 22 Jun 2010

Contains 1 article

Earlier this year just-style surveyed its global readership of apparel industry professionals concerning the year ahead. The survey included questions on manufacturing, retailing, global demand and sourcing. This exclusive briefing provides a summary of the responses.

May 2010 management briefing 10 May 2010

Contains 1 article

With so much competition in design and price within the apparel and textile sector, manufacturers are always looking for an edge. One way in which they can steal a march on competitors is with fibre innovation. Here just-style takes a global look at some of the top centres of fibre research.

March 2010 management briefing 1 Mar 2010

Contains 1 article

In this latest management briefing, we round up some findings from some of just-style’s recently published market sector research reports, plus we preview a forthcoming title looking at how tomorrow’s apparel industry might take shape. This new report will be a think piece about the future of the apparel industry. It’s intended to encourage apparel industry executives to consider what is going to shape future products, markets and processes in the apparel industry.