New figures released on Friday from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that, after seasonal adjustments, around 200 textile and apparel workers lost their jobs each day in February.

Minus the 5,600 jobs lost in February, this leaves the total number of jobs remaining in the US industry at 673,400.

With the job losses reported in January, the US textile and apparel sector has lost 373,800 jobs since January 2001.  That figure represents a loss of 35.7 per cent of the domestic textile and apparel sector.

The textile portion of the industry also sharply reduced the number of hours paid for the average worker in February.

Still, the average non-supervisory textile mill worker's weekly wages in February were 210 per cent higher than the average wage of comparable workers in the leisure/hospitality industry.

"Today's severe job loss report, including revisions, suggests that the US textile and apparel industry employment is experiencing a downturn associated with removal of quotas at the beginning of this year," said American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition (AMTAC) executive director Auggie Tantillo.