Norway’s Consumer Council is calling on the authorities and apparel industry for a “more aggressive” approach after banned chemicals were found in clothing.

The council found endocrine-disrupting substances DBP and DEHP in a t-shirt sold by Cubus in Norway – substances banned in toys and childcare articles because they can impact fertility and damage the foetus.

Tests also found nonylfenoletoxilat in several items: a pair of jeans sold by H&M, two denim jackets from Zara, boxer shorts from KappAhl and a pair of jeans and a sweater from Cubus.

The substance degrades the endocrine-disrupting substance nonylephenol and is banned in clothing made in the EU, but not in imported clothes.

“Children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to harmful chemicals and are not well enough protected by the current legislation,” said Consumer Council director Randi Flesland.

“When prominent scientists cry warning about what endocrine disrupters can do with our health, politicians must wake up.

“Norwegian authorities have to put significantly more pressure on the EU to ban the substances, while industry must be encouraged to start phasing out immediately.”