A group of animal rights activists on Wednesday sued Adidas-Salomon AG in a California court amid allegations the German sportswear giant is selling cleats which include kangaroo products banned the state.

The lawsuit, which was filed by Viva!, also names several California stores that sell the Adidas cleats and sports shoes they claim feature kangaroo leather. The case seeks to halt imports of those products.

Adidas is getting away with murder in Australia and California," said a spokesman for the group. "They are showing the same disregard for California law that the hunters show the baby kangaroos whom they bludgeoned to death."

Adidas has yet to comment on the lawsuit. Earlier this year animal rights groups staged global demonstrations against the use of kangaroo skins in soccer boots from manufacturers such as Adidas and Umbro.

They say more than three million kangaroo hides were exported from Australia in 2002, and that mass culling of the animals has been fuelled by demand for kangaroo leather from sports shoe firms.