Sports giant Adidas has launched an 'intelligent' running shoe that adjusts its cushioning according to wearers' abilities, weather and terrain.

The footwear line - called Adidas-1 - incorporates a minute computer which is designed to react to surroundings to provide more bounce or more support, accordingly.

The shoes, which are set to retail for about £175 a pair, are said to be able to react 2,000 times faster than the human reflex.

Magnetic sensors built into the shoes' heels are designed to measure alterations in compression when the runner's foot reaches the ground. The shoes, which weigh the same as regular trainers, also contain microprocessors and motors.

Adidas claims that it takes the shoes just 25 milliseconds to analyse the data recorded and alter accordingly.

Although the company is targeting the shoes towards runners of all ability levels, it has admitted that some sports' governing bodies may disagree with computerised shoes. However, it maintains that it aims to introduce intelligent shoes into a competitive sport next year.

Adidas added that future innovations could include running shoes that connect wirelessly to monitors and allow a runner to analyse his or her performance and speed.