Youth-oriented clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch has been hit with a second lawsuit for allegedly discriminating against minorities in its recruitment practices.

The latest suit, filed in a New Jersey court on Wednesday, claims the retailer only recruited white college students for its sales assistant positions, keeping minority employees in behind the scenes jobs such as overnight shifts and stockroom work.

It is similar to the lawsuit filed against Abercrombie in a San Francisco court in June and seeks class-action status.

According to an Abercrombie spokesperson, the 600-outlet, 22,000-employee retailer had not yet been served with the New Jersey lawsuit.

In the San Francisco case, the company denied claims of discrimination and said it wanted a diverse workforce.

However, New Jersey case lead plaintiff Brandy Hawk said despite fitting the characteristics of the Ohio retailer's recruitment brochure, including being a college student and varsity athlete, she was told she did not fit the image the retailer wanted to project.

The lawsuit has received support from civil rights campaigner Jesse Jackson's Chicago-based Rainbow Coalition.