The US and Jordan have signed a series of 'joint principles' covering international investment, information and communication technology services, as well as a new initiative to promote labour rights.

Among the principles are the encouragement of an open and non-discriminatory investment regime, protection for foreign investment, and transparency and public participation in the development of laws and regulations.

Adopting the ICT principles, US Trade Representative Ron Kirk said, would help support the global development of ICT services, including internet and other network-based applications.

The two countries have also drawn up an implementation plan on the working and living conditions of workers in Jordan, reaffirming the country's commitment to protect internationally recognised labour rights and enforce labour laws.

"Jordan is a key strategic bilateral trade and investment partner to the United States and plays a pivotal role in the Obama Administration's trade and investment partnership with the Middle East and North Africa," said Kirk.

"These achievements remain key to advancing our countries' common agenda for jobs and economic growth."

Jordan was the US' 77th largest trading partner in 2011, with bilateral trade worth US$2.5bn, up 17% on 2010.