Huddersfield, Yorkshire-based fabric and garments maker Airotech Holdings is merging with corporate wear company J M Corporate Design, which is based in Bolton, Lancashire.

The merger will introduce Airotech's  range of branded fabrics and formal garments to the corporate wear sector, which Airotech believes is the next logical step in the growth of its business.

Airotech chairman Andrew Ball said: "…we plan to harness our joint potential to become number one in the sector."

J M managing director Mike Coupe said: "We are delighted with the merger with Airotech as we are now able to tap into their extensive worldwide fabric and garment sourcing network and offer totally vertical bespoke packages."

The merger will see the continued expansion of the J M. 'Fit Elegance' business wear range launched just over a year ago, with an expectation that the workforce will be increased to handle specific accounts and projects which are in the 2006 pipeline.