The first round of inspection reports released by the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety show that "dozens of deficiencies" have been identified in every garment factory. And the group now has just six weeks to release data on the remaining 600 factories supplying its member companies.

Common issues include inadequate fire suppression equipment, lack of fire doors and poor electrical wiring. However, while most buildings are structurally sound, some buildings are overloaded and factories have been urged to take immediate action to reduce the load and reinforce columns.

As reported on just-style earlier this month, the group has also recommended the immediate closure of five factories following concerns about the safety of the buildings where they are located.

Full details of the inspection reports on more than 27 ready-made garment factories can be viewed here.

The group has also committed to publish the inspection reports on all Bangladesh ready-made garment factories supplying its member companies by 10 July 2014 - which leaves it just over six weeks to release data on the remaining 600 factories.  

The Alliance's 26 member companies, who include Wal-Mart, The Children's Place, Macy's, Nordstrom, Gap and Fruit of the Loom, source from 630 factories in Bangladesh - of which 508 have so far undergone thorough fire, electrical and structural assessments.

But the group says it is confident that hundreds of reports will be uploaded in the coming weeks, along with updated corrective action plans that detail each step being taken to upgrade the factory and improve safety for workers.

The Alliance has also pledged to work with the factories to address deficiencies.

Workers who are unable to work due to factory closures are being compensated in part by the Alliance's $5m Worker Support Fund, which is made up of dues from each of the member companies.

The Alliance will bear half of the cost while the factory owners will cover the rest, and nearly 1,000 workers to-date have received two-months' pay following Alliance-recommended factory closures.