Fit company Alvanon is set to launch standard AlvaForm fit mannequins for the Mexican market next week, based on its analysis of the recent Size Mexico body scan campaign.

According to Alvanon president Ed Gribbin, the AlvaForms will benefit the Mexican apparel industry, as well as Mexican consumers. "The most obvious benefit to consumers will be better fitting clothes," he said.

"For retailers and brands that means improved sell through, conversion rates, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. On the manufacturing side, the standard will speed time from design to production and facilitate greater quality control.

"Marketing clothes that fit consumer bodies better will be a huge boon for the Mexico fashion industry. The brands taking advantage of this new technology that helps apparel fit will separate themselves from brands that don't."

The new Mexico Standard AlvaForm is based on thousands of body scans captured throughout Mexico by Mexican apparel industry chamber Canaive in conjunction with Wal-Mart de Mexico, software firm Lectra and CVS Group.

"We were anxious to see what the data would tell us," said Gribbin of the survey results, which were released in March 2012.

"Clothing fit is a concern everywhere in the world. At Canaive there was concern about clothing built on specs that were US related or just outdated industry data in Mexico.

"It was time, with all the other size studies being done around the world, for Mexico to support its clothing and retail industries and, most importantly, end user consumers with accurate sizing data."

Gribbin said the data indicates that the Mexican population has changed more substantially than the apparel industry had recognised. "In order for the Mexico apparel industry to meet consumer needs, standards for fit needed to be updated."