In an effort to expand its sustainable practices, T-shirt and casualwear brand American Apparel Inc has just purchased 30,000 pounds of Cleaner Cotton(TM) from California's Central Valley.

This cotton is farmed using fewer chemicals than conventional cotton cultivation, and also avoids the use of genetically modified seeds.
The Cleaner Cotton Campaign, which is led by The Sustainable Cotton Project, aims to keep toxins out of the soil, air and water by using biological techniques instead.

Erika Martinez, head of organic programs at American Apparel, said: "This unique program not only promotes the reduction of chemical use but it also assists farmers through the cultivation process."
Last year, there 2,000 acres of Cleaner Cotton were grown, preventing 7,000 pounds of chemicals from entering the environment according to the California Environmental Protection Agency.
American Apparel is a vertically integrated manufacturer, distributor and retailer of T-shirts and related products with nearly 200 stores in 15 countries.

All clothes are cut and sewn at its 800,000 sq ft facility in downtown Los Angeles.