The American Apparel Producers' Network (AAPNetwork) recently announced that apparel and sewngoods contractors and their suppliers in all of the Americas, including the Caribbean, can now join the non-profit trade group as full members, effective immediately.

Started in 1981, the AAPNetwork made two key moves in 1994 - the first was to allow Canadian contractors to join and the second was to list all members online under 300 categories of goods, services and data. This new announcement solves several problems.

North American contractors have the relationships, the backlog of work and the package production skills, but not the labour. CBI and NAFTA contractors have the labour and are focusing on improving their package production, marketing and relationships in the American market. Also, NAFTA and CBI contractors have asked to join the AAPNetwork, which focused on Made in USA production, for years.

The AAP network meets next at the El Salvador CBI Needle and Thread Show May 14-16.

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