Anti-dumping duties on leather shoes imported into the European Union (EU) from China and Vietnam have officially expired - but the European Commission (EC) plans to continue monitoring imports.

A notice in the Official Journal of the European Union on 31 March said the measures would end after there were no requests for an investigation into their long-term renewal. The tariffs - 16.5% on Chinese and 10% on Vietnamese shoes - therefore expired on 31 March.

However, the EC said it will monitor for one year imports of leather upper footwear originating in China and Vietnam, as well as those consigned from Macao SAR.

This, it says, it because is a large number of EU producers could be affected by dumping, and it wants to "facilitate swift appropriate action should the situation so require."

The duties were initially imposed back in October 2006 after a surge in import shipments from China and Vietnam. Then, in December 2009, the EC decided to extend the levy by another 15 months.