DNA-based security and product authentication specialist Applied DNA Sciences (APDN) has signed an agreement with Wakefield Inspection Services (WIS) to provide global traceability solutions.

Wakefield, a textile specialist, will help provide global supply chain, traceability and security-driven solutions to customers using APDN’s Signature T DNA marking and DNA authentication services.

According to APDN, Signature T DNA ensures traceability of textile raw materials from point of origin to finished product.

Combined with WIS’ inspection services, APDN said customers would gain worldwide access to the consultation, training, documentation and enhanced inspection services needed to ensure a “seamless” implementation of the programme.

“With Applied DNA Sciences, we will map out the most cost-effective processes and procedures for ensuring that the Signature T DNA marker in fibre, yarn or fabrics can be securely obtained and authenticated throughout virtually any textile supply and logistic chain,” said Greg Wakefield, director at WIS.