Global apparel and footwear production both rose in the first quarter of 2013, according to figures from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Textile production was up 4.5%, thanks to a 7.4% rise from developing and emerging industrial economies. Global apparel production increased by 5.1% over the same period, boosted by an 8.9% rise from developing and emerging industrial economies. And global production of leather, leather products and footwear was up by 3.7%, thanks again to the impact of developing and emerging industrial economies, which rose by 6.5%. UNIDO said the production of apparel had fallen in Brazil and Egypt, but was up in India, South Africa and Turkey.

The figures helped world industrial production growth to rise slightly in the quarter after nearly three years of a downward trend, although UNIDO highlighted “fragile” prospects for recovery.

Total world manufacturing output was up 1.7%, but Europe remained weak, with output falling 4.2% in France, 1.7% in Germany, 4.5% in Italy, 3.1% in the Russian Federation and 2.1% in the UK. There was a systematic increase in the US, while Japan declined despite signs of a rebound. China’s output rose 9.7%, down from 10% in the last quarter, while India was up 2.5%, Indonesia 4.5%, Mexico 1.1%, Turkey 4% and Bangladesh 2.6%.