A rise in exports of apparel and footwear from the US, along with falls in imports, helped reduce the country’s goods and services deficit in March, new figures show.

According to the US Census Bureau and the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, total March exports of US$184.3bn and imports of $223.1bn resulted in a goods and services deficit of $38.8bn, down from February’s revised figure of $43.6bn.

Apparel and clothing accessories exports were up 12.6% month-on-month to $313m in March, while imports fell 15.6% to $5.904bn.

For footwear, exports rose 18.75% to reach $76m, while imports were down 31.9% to $1.535bn.

The total March export figure was down $1.7bn on February’s total of $186bn, while imports were $6.5bn down on the February figure of $229.6bn.

The goods deficit fell $4.6bn month-on-month to $56.1bn, while the services surplus was up $0.2bn from $17.3bn.

While exports of goods were down $1.8bn to $130.3bn, imports of goods fell $6.4bn to $186.5bn.

Meanwhile, exports of services edged up $0.1bn to $53.9bn, while imports of services fell by the same amount to $36.6bn.

The goods and services deficit was down $12.9bn year-on-year in March, with exports falling 0.2% and imports down 5.6%.