Thailand's apparel industry is suffering due to a drop in the number of University graduates specialising in the technical personnel aspects of the industry, reports Thailand's The Nation.

According to the report, secretary-general of the Thai Garment Manufacturers' Association (TGMA), Somboon Juasathirattana, feels that the apparel sector is failing to recruit sufficient industrial engineers, factory managers and other technicians, which may affect the expansion of the industry in the future.

Juasathirattana has voiced concerns that unless the government acts to introduce more apparel design and manufacturing courses at all educational levels then the industry will continue to suffer.

He stated that engineers and technicians were moving away from the apparel sector to take up positions in other industrial sectors that offer higher salaries.

The news may come as a blow to the country's apparel sector, which, according to the report, was ranked as the country's second biggest source of foreign exchange, bringing in a total of $3bn (Bt131bn) and employing more than 1.3 million workers.