The Defense Authorization bill, S 1042, approved by the Senate on Wednesday, includes an amendment to help ensure that apparel products purchased for the US armed forces are made in the United States.

Under federal procurement requirements, clothing and footwear products purchased for US military personnel must be produced in the US.

The provision requires that "each member of the defense acquisition workforce who participates personally and substantially in the acquisition of textiles on a regular basis receives training" on those requirements, known as the Berry Amendment.

S 1042, which must now be finalised in conference, also omits earlier language that would have provided a two-year exception to the Berry Amendment for certain textiles and apparel. 

AAFA president and CEO Kevin M Burke, said: "Our domestic industry needs this support, and it is only right that the men and women called upon to defend our nation wear uniforms that are produced by our own citizens in our own factories in our own communities."
Burke also wants members of the House-Senate conference committee that will be considering the Defense Authorization legislation to agree to House-approved language that would provide transparency and clarification of the Berry Amendment.