The Swiss Army is to become the first military force in the world to digitally measure all its recruits for their uniforms after deciding to roll out Human Solutions' 3D body scanners and Xfit Army software nationwide from October 2006.
Located in the army's Windisch Recruiting Center, the 3D body scanners and Xfit Army software have been used since 2004 to determine the best fit in uniforms.
Their implementation is part of the Swiss Army's ARMEE21 programme to reduce clothing costs by automating measurement procedures and uniform allocation through the use of hi-tech solutions.
The programme covers all aspects from measurement in recruitment centres to order processing in the armouries and the manufacture of special sizes.
The armasuisse, the Procurement and Technology Center of the Swiss Federal Department of Defense, has carried out extensive pilot tests in Berne as well as at the Windisch recruitment centre.
Jürg Billeter, responsible for equipment and apparel at the armasuisse, said: "Measurements will be carried out digitally in the six recruitment centres in Lausanne, Sumiswald, Rüti, Mels, Monte Ceneri and Windisch.
"All scan and requirements data will be transmitted to Bern for processing in the central Xfit Army server."
The contract between the Swiss Army and Human Solutions includes the delivery of five stationary 3D body scanners, a mobile 3D body scanner integrated into a converted truck (the Scanliner) and a central scan data server.