Sports shoe maker Asics Tiger Corporation has asked a judge to hold Harkham Industries Inc in contempt of court amid claims its rival continued to distribute and sell its Hype Happenin shoes in violation of a permanent injunction.

A New York judge was told by Asics' lawyers that a private investigator hired by the firm had bought some Hype shoes which breached an earlier court injunction made when it filed a lawsuit against Harkham for alleged "trademark infringement, unfair competition, and trademark dilution".

Asics alleges the Hype shoe infringes its famous stripe design trademark and is a "knock-off" of its Onitsuka Tiger Shoes that were recently re-introduced to the market place as the Classic Onitsuka Tiger Collection.

"ASICS will not tolerate infringement of its intellectual property rights, much less allow an infringer to continue to infringe in violation of a court order," said Michael Zall, vice president and general counsel for AsicsTiger Corporation.

"We are extremely upset by Harkham's attempt to misappropriate the authenticity and heritage of Asics' classic shoes and its famous stripe design. We are even more upset and angered by Harkham's deliberate actions in violation of court orders. We are sure the court will mete out the appropriate justice."