Clothing firm Aussie Apparel Group Ltd continued its explosive growth on Wednesday when it agreed to acquire fledgling skatewear firm November Clothing Company for an undisclosed amount.

The California-based firm, which on Tuesday signed a letter of intent to buy TSA Brand Inc just two weeks after a similar deal to acquire the Bluetorch extreme sports brand name, said November posted sales of $1.5 million in 2002.

Aussie Apparel said it expects the new brand to generate $13m in extra sales over the next five years and also announced a letter-of-intent with Krash Distribution Company to acquire the November trademark in an asset purchase agreement.

It described three-year-old November, which sells its clothing in North America, New Zealand, Australia and the UK, as catering to the "core skateboard market with a strong fashion influence from alternative/punk music lifestyle".

Aussie Apparel president and CEO, Bruce MacGregor, said: "This relatively new company has created an extremely strong buzz in the core skate community. I am really excited about the potential for November given our resources as compared to November as a stand-alone company.

"Their management, led by James Waataja and Anthony Mandich, is first-rate and nailed this brand in terms of their alternative/punk focus. The growth possibilities for November over the next five years are significant."

He added both parties anticipate a definitive agreement within four to six weeks.