Research by Woolmark has found that Poland's textile industry is on the road to recovery following the devastation wrought by the collapse of the Communist regime, the Herald and Weekly Times reported.

And it says that Poland's recovery presents an excellent opportunity to the new Australian Wool Services and its subsidiaries as it strives to ensure a secure future for Australian woolgrowers.

During the era of the Soviet bloc, Poland was second only to Russia among the Eastern Bloc as the biggest customers for Australian wool. The country had an extensive textile industry and was an important supplier of goods to other members of the bloc.

A survey by Woolmark's international market development section last year found that Poland's wool textile industry operators are desperate to restore their industry's status as a major producer and exporter. Poland has sound traditions in textile production, but it needs the sort of support Australia has been giving, for example, to China.

This support would be in the areas of advice on correct wool specification, raising the quality of finished products and the use of modern technology and machinery in textile mills.