Avery Dennison Printer Systems has launched a new high-speed RFID print/apply labeling system that aims to prevent mis-shipments due to faulty RFID labels.

The system, called the Avery Dennison ALX RFID Print/Apply, encodes and prints unique RFID labels and automatically applies the encoded labels to cartons, cases and pallets.

During the encoding process, the system 'detects and then rejects' miscoded or unreadable RFID labels. Faulty labels are rewound with spent media carrier onto the system's rewind apparatus.

The ALX RFID also features 'jump-the-bump' capability that enables users to meet RFID labeling mandates with greater economic efficiency by guarding against costly label damage during printing.

Dan Williams, marketing manager for Avery Dennison Printer Systems, said that the system helps ensure "that RFID labels printed and applied to items are readable."

The ALX system can process RFID labels of various size and microchip locations.

Avery Dennison Printer Systems is a business unit of Avery Dennison's Retail Information Services Division.