Technology company Avery Dennison has introduced a new shipment consolidator module that automates and speeds the receiving process at consolidator locations and helps assure compliance with C-TPAT requirements for tracking goods.

The module is available as part of the Avery Dennison InfoChain Express supply-chain management solution.

The system, called the InfoChain Express Consolidator Module, links consolidators with buyers, vendors and factories worldwide. In operation, the system makes delivery information available to the consolidator at the time that cartons leave the factory floor, and it automatically notifies consolidators that a shipment has been sent. The information enables consolidators to prepare in advance for efficient receipt.

According to Lynde Richards, director of sales & marketing, Avery Dennison InfoChain Express, shipment accuracy is a primary Compliance Module benefit. "The module eliminates manual processes and errors associated with human entry of data," Richards notes. "The consolidator confirms the shipment's receipt by scanning a bar code. The module identifies mismatches between what was received and what was listed as being shipped, and then notifies appropriate parties.

"Factories and consolidators can adjust their inventory records based on what was actually shipped. Factories can produce a final packing list based on what the consolidator actually received. The module also facilitates the timely issuance of ASNs to retailers and brand owners in compliance with C-TPAT security initiatives. The new module's functionality provides an added degree of accuracy to the overall process of getting goods to consolidators and, ultimately, to their final destinations."