The fastener division of Avery Dennison Retail Information Services has developed a new Plastic Staple system for whiskering and pre-washing operations that give a faded or vintage appearance to jeans.

Unlike earlier plastic fasteners which were designed solely for attaching waistband tickets and pocket flashers, the ST9500ä Plastic Staple fasteners are strong enough to hold multiple pleats of denim tightly together during the washing process.

The needle spacing is also adjustable to secure thinner or thicker denim layers.

The fasteners can also be used to attach tickets and tags to apparel items, have a greater tensile strength than standard plastic staple fasteners, and are easier to remove than metal staples or thread.

The Plastic Staple ST9500ä System consists of a semi-automatic attacher, two needles available in fine fabric and ultra fine fabric versions, and the fasteners.