SGS Consumer Testing Services has expanded its range of textile testing services in the US to include testing for potentially carcinogenic azo dyes.

The widely used colorants may contain any of up to 20-plus carcinogenic amines banned in China, Japan, India, Vietnam and the European Union, and listed under California’s Proposition 65.

The amines, which include benzidine, are used in production and can be released from garments by saliva or perspiration, leading to product recalls and enforcement action against a wide range of garments including jeans, t-shirts, dresses and scarves.

SGS said the new tests would reduce lead times for US retailers, buyers and manufacturers by eliminating the need to send products to overseas testing facilities.

“Being able to source necessary testing from a US company both streamlines and simplifies the process of protecting yourself from enforcement action that can damage your brand and result in a loss of sales,” said Sanjeev Gandhi, SGS global technical director, consumer products.