AKS-Labs has upgraded its balanced score card (BSC) system to help companies and departments measure, control and improve their performance during the financial crisis.

New tools in Balanced Scorecard Designer 3.0 include strategy maps with visuals of key performance indicators, and a special feature for generating reports in HTML format with data tables and graphs.

Users can also combine and cascade several scorecards from various sources, including local disks, the company network or online server.

The balanced score card is a strategic planning and management system that helps align business activities with a company's vision and strategy.

It can also improve internal and external communications, and monitor performance against strategic goals - including indicators that help to estimate efficiency of textile production.

Using Balanced Scorecard Designer 3.0, companies can connect strategies and goals, including target values and how to measure them.

A scorecard is then added to help analyse the solutions using key performance indicators.

Depending on the pre-set values and weight of the indicators, the program calculates current progress.