The Alliance has praised four factories but has been forced to suspended the operations of another eight

The Alliance has praised four factories but has been forced to suspended the operations of another eight

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety has suspended the operations of a further eight garment factories for failing to provide evidence of their remediation progress.

The move, part of the Alliance's efforts to make Bangladesh's garment factories safe, brings the total number the organisation has now cut ties with to 91.

Meanwhile within the last month, four other factories have been commended for completing all of the material components outlined in their Corrective Action Plans, or CAPs.

"We commend Park (Bangladesh) Company, Olio Apparels, Fountain Garments Manufacturing and Unitex International for their commitment to making their factories models of worker safety," says Alliance country director Jim Moriarty.

"Conversely, our suspension of eight new factories demonstrates that those unwilling or unable to address critical safety issues will no longer be welcome as partners in our supply chain."

The Alliance performs independent inspections on the structural, electrical and fire safety of all factories from which its members source. Each factory is then provided with a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) designed to help it address safety issues and achieve compliance with Alliance safety standards. The Alliance also provides technical advice and access to low-cost loans to assist factories with remediation.

Now into the second half of its five-year initiative, the Alliance has brought the total number of factories that have completed the critical repairs outlined in their CAPs to 32. Additionally, 57% of all safety issues in Alliance factories have been corrected.

Last month Bangladesh was rocked by two terrorist attacks which left the country's key garment industry in turmoil. Despite the fears, the Alliance said it would "stay the course" in the south Asian country and that apparel brands and retailers remain committed to sourcing garments there.

Alliance brands "staying the course" in Bangladesh

However, writing on just-style this week, Mike Flanagan points out that the attack, along with a number of other threats, endanger the competitiveness of Bangladesh's apparel industry. 

Bangladesh must face up to new industry threats