Online intimate apparel and hosiery retailer Bare Necessities says it has improved its overall customer experience and reduced new product time-to-market by two-thirds through its investment in TrueSpectra Image Server.

The new software enables developers to upload the largest required image to their server, then dynamically render any size variation. The elimination of static derivative images reduced the development time required to launch new products to the site as well as provided the needed flexibility for site redesigns and modifications requiring different image sizes.

"We selected TrueSpectra based on the value of image resizing, but quickly realised there was tremendous additional value-add," said Bill Richardson, president, Bare Necessities.

"We now use the server to highlight images with dynamically rendered borders, demonstrate product details using zoom and pan functionality, and have begun to use the colourisation feature so customers can view products in the colour they are interested in purchasing."

Bare Necessities enables shoppers to interactively magnify and inspect fine product details without a plug-in using TrueSpectra's zoom and pan functionality. Likewise, from the same source image, TrueSpectra's colourisation functionality enables Bare Necessities to show all available colour variations directly on the image. Both zoom and colorization help empower shoppers with increased purchasing confidence.