Design and development group Bemis Associates has partnered with fibre solutions provider Drirelease to create apparel products that maintain consistent breathability and moisture management.

The collaboration will see the creation of innovative seam reinforcement tapes that integrate the technology of both brands. DriSeam, Bemis' latest generation of seam reinforcement tape (SRT), is manufactured with drirelease fabric and is the first SRT with inherent performance benefits for the sportswear market, it says. 

Drirelease's combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibres add moisture management to a garment, improves eco-friendliness, long-term performance and wicks moisture away from the skin 17 times more effectively than the standard SRT. 

Bemis' Flowfree adhesive promotes airflow through specifically engineered perforations to create breathability and permit moisture to pass to the drirelease fabric. This is then able to wick the moisture away from the skin. 

"For athletes, this partnership means apparel that contributes to performance, rather than distracts," said Bill Fabiszewski, global marketing manager at Bemis. "Similar to Bemis, Drirelease is willing to challenge conventional garment construction and push the boundaries on what is currently possible in the industry. Their fibres add benefits that can't necessarily be seen, but can definitely be measured, and we look forward to working closely with them on future projects."